Eleonora Daniel, unfortunately the pain tore her heart: “I was left lifeless”

Eleonora Daniel, unfortunately the pain tore her heart: “I was left lifeless”

The blonde anchor told about the live drama that tore her heart out and is still causing her so much pain

Eleonora Daniel He is an appreciated Italian presenter. with him Italian stories It accompanies thousands of families who may not remember the origins of the TV presenter. Valletta for the program You know the latest In fact, not everyone was able to notice her in such forms.

Eleonora Danieli – Solospetacolo

Which instead happened in 2001, while participating in the second edition of Big brother. Since then, Eleonora has enjoyed great satisfaction and an enviable career, but drama has clouded her happiness.

Eleonora Daniel: The Unforgettable Drama

Eleonora Daniele was a guest a few weeks ago in the living room of Sunday in, And here she returned to talk about what happened to her in life and caused her pain that she cannot overcome: “When you are in great suffering, you have a greater sensitivity to telling others about other people’s suffering and I have had a hard time. There was a moment in my life that changed me deeply and it is so Losing my brother Luigi, autism”.

He adds: “When he left, everything changed for me. It feels like time has stopped and if I am I remained lifeless. Days and years can pass, but such great love cannot pass.”

The death of a family member is a pain that never goes away in life, it can only fade with time, but with every memory it comes back to get worse. In fact, Daniele stated on another occasion: “The memory goes on, it is Fixed idea. I wake up thinking about it and go to sleep thinking about it. I didn’t get past his death, I don’t think I would ever.”

Autism is not the definition of a person

In the past, guest a Today is another dayHe still remembers his brother Luigi who died suddenly at the age of 44. He emphasized during the interview: “No one asked me who he is my brother luigi, as if the label autism identifies a person. He was a special boy, severely autistic, who then grew up in a private institution from the age of 18.”

Eleonora Daniel's Smile - Soluspitacolo
Beautiful picture of Eleonora Daniel – Soluspitakulu

It specifies: “My family had to make this decision due to the severity of his illness, which also led him to hit my father. At the same time, we realized that he needed to follow his own path. The choice was difficult, I suffered a lot.

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