Used car warranty: Almost no one knows their rights and takes advantage of them, so do not be fooled

Used car warranty: Almost no one knows their rights and takes advantage of them, so do not be fooled

Discover your rights in a used car warranty: an unknown world that few people exploit. Don’t be fooled, it’s time to be informed.

In these turbulent times in the world of four wheels, 2023 marks a turning point for the automotive world Used car sector. Through continuous turmoil since 2020, coupled with a slowdown in production due to shortages of raw materials and semiconductors, the sector has shifted into a growth phase, leading to…High prices for used cars.

Used car warranty: agency or private individual? –

In this scenario of limited purchasing power of buyers and delays in deliveries, the question arises Warranties on used cars. There is a crucial element to examine, because even behind cars that have already been driven lies the possibility of insurance, as long as the game takes place on dealership premises and not between individuals.

Warranty of the used car at the agency

The secret behind buying a used car from A The agent has the legal obligation to guarantee the new owner a coverage period of no less than one year. This commitment translates into an incentive for sellers to only offer cars in excellent condition, to avoid the risks of expensive repairs and potential disputes. It is a dynamic that, if on the one hand it justifies the higher prices charged by retailers compared to individuals, it provides, on the other hand, Greater degree of security for the buyer.

Used cars and protection: knowing the rights in used cars –

Navigating through the legal maze of safeguards, Consumer law stipulates a minimum of one year of coverage, with the possibility of extending it to 24 monthsSubject to agreement between the parties concerned. However, behind the legal curtain, subtle differences arise between buyers and dealers, requiring a deep understanding of the terms of coverage before going down the path of purchasing.

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In this complex game of rules, it is important to emphasize that a dealer’s used-car warranty is a sacred protection that cannot be excluded or limited, a fact independent of the age of the car or other factors. If you instead venture in Selling between individuals, the situation becomes more complicated, with a non-mandatory warranty and legal protections that require a showing of bad faith in the case of undisclosed defects.

In short, as the used car market turns into a fascinating maze of opportunities, the warranty becomes the essential compass for navigating the risks hidden under the hood, providing peace of mind that is invaluable to the automotive industry.

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