June 8, 2023

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Gianluca Ginobel Age, Education Qualification, Celebrity Girlfriend, Before and After Instagram Photos: All About the Il Volo Singer

Member of the Flight, Gianluca Ginoble is happily engaged today: but do you know his partner? Let us know more about his private life and career.

Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone, and Ignazio Boschetto are all very private about their private lives, despite their great fame. Let’s talk about some little-known curiosities of the first mentioned poet.

One of the most beloved opera singers in our country, founder and member, with colleagues and old friends, Piero Baroni and Ignacio Pochetto, of the Il Vollo trio. A group that brings Italian music to the top around the world. Pure talents, despite the bad reputation, members Flight They have always been very reluctant to talk about their private lives. Today, for example, let’s talk about Gianluca Genoble.

Lyricist profession

Compared to his colleagues, Gianluca Ginoble often posts on social networks snapshots while on vacation or flashes from his daily life. Pictures that are rendered look very different from what we are used to, like in this shot, for example, where we see it in a decidedly dark version. Born in 1995, Ginobel started taking his first steps in the world of music as a child, thanks to his beloved grandfather who immediately sensed his great talent. Ginobel begins to participate in various singing competitions, but the great success comes in 2009, during the participation in the Rai Uno program. I leave you a song. On this occasion, de FlightTogether with Piero Baron and Ignacio Pochetto.

The private life and career of Gianluca Ginobel – Velvetmusic.it / Instagram

The Private Life of Gianluca Ginobel

For more than a year, Gianluca Ginoble has been living a beautiful romance with him Eleonora Venturini Storaro. The two have, from time to time, posted some cute snaps on social media even if they had long periods of time between them due to their job. Proud of her famous relatives, Eleonora is in fact the granddaughter of Vittorio Storaro, a famous director of photography who won three Oscars in his career. Storaro has actually directed photography for major films like The last emperor – By Bernardo Bertolucci – End of the world now And reds.

The private life and career of Gianluca Ginobel – Velvetmusic.it / Instagram

Eleonora Venturini Storaro is a graphic designer and graduated in Fashion and Fashion Science from La Sapienza University in Rome. After graduating, he attended the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan, in particular a fashion design course. The relationship between the two is thriving, as confirmed by Gianluca Ginobel himself in Essays very right, hosted by Silvia Tuvanen on Canale 5, some time ago. In fact, he revealed:I am engaged, named after my mother Eleonora. Today I am truly immersed in love, I can openly say: I am happy. In the past, operas have often invaded glossy Italian covers. One of his most famous dalliances is that of the influential and former shipwreck D.J Celebrity IslandMercedes Henger and former star D Bubba and the GeekPasqualina Sana.

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