Today it is possible to watch your TV shows in the car: here’s what you need

Today it is possible to watch your TV shows in the car: here’s what you need

Watching TV in your car. Something that was unimaginable until recently, but today seems achievable in this way.

an idea Watch your favorite TV shows, favorite shows or even football matches inside your car will be a dream. Especially for motorists They had to spend many hours in traffic or in their own car.

Watch TV in the car –

to be sure, Watching TV while driving is dangerous. Obviously, the innovation we’re talking about today will certainly be used while you’re parked in your car, and certainly not when driving in city or suburban traffic.

Latest news to this effect come from Google. The well-known company and search engine has already developed the application for the latest generation of cars Android Auto. In other words, the ability to connect your mobile phone to the car via USB and use optimal driving functions such as calls, messages, music and navigation from the car’s display and radio.

Although the hack comes with an add-on A second applicationalways able to facilitate motorists or passengers of a vehicle who want to follow an event or TV program.

AAStore, the app that brings the TV experience to your car

The name program has been developed AAStore, also created by Google and Android. Its mission is to go beyond Android Auto services, offering the ability to watch TV inside your car.

By always connecting your device via USB and using AAStore, the driver and passengers can use the car’s screen to watch videos YoutubeMovies and TV series Netflix and Amazon PrimeAnd any web content that is broadcast and even matches Broadcast by DAZN, Sky Go or other platforms. In short, a small TV world inside your car.

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AAStore for cars –

using icons custom application You can turn any website into an app that you can then see on Android Auto. To do this, simply enter a link to a streaming site to simply view it and instantly on your car screen.

To do all this, you just need to download the program AAStore Free and install it yourself Mobile phone With the Android operating system. It is also possible to make a donation for further improvements to this function, which go far beyond the standard capabilities of Android Auto.

As mentioned before it is recommended that Only use this app in your car when you are not drivingso as not to distract the driver. It’s even better to watch your favorite shows comfortably on indoor seats when they’re off or already off.

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