Ternana, Bandecchi show: “I spat on the fans, and I also had to slap them twice” VIDEO | first page

Ternana, Bandecchi show: “I spat on the fans, and I also had to slap them twice” VIDEO |  first page

Bandichi Displays in Terni, After defeating the homeland Terni Against Cittadella 2-1, which led to the resignation of coach Aurelio Andrezzoli. The boss got into an altercation with some fans who approached the sidelines and spat on them: “Yeah, I spit on the fans, but they spit in my face. I’m a man and I make myself respectable. I smash my cog out of the tough guys, the ones who play dumb, the people who told me from the first day I got there they deal with steel. Then let them know I’m Made of steel, 114 kilos evenly distributed. Here I have spent more money than any chief before me. Then I made this city shed as no one else has done, for example opening gardens with my money. Here you talk a lot but do nothing. That’s who I am Now, today they pissed me off and I sent the Terni fans to boo too, not just the Peruvians. Today there were 3000 people in this f**king stadium, and sorry if I say ‘stadium’, of them 2000 stayed to send us to f*** it. What do you think of the rule Fans? Take a tour of England and learn to see what football is like. We love our team, other than rebuilding the stadium. Maybe I’ll throw this away and rebuild a damn thing, not even the bar stools I’m going to kick you out of. Do you spit? It’s true that they spit in my face and I spat On them. Why do you think the second time a fool comes and spits in my face, do I stand here and spit? A man like the others, and I am not Jesus Christ, and if three of them spit on me, not only do I not spit them out, but if there is no ditch I will also give them a pizza to my face.”

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