4 games already confirmed for February 2022 – Nerd4.life

4 games already confirmed for February 2022 – Nerd4.life

January is now over and Microsoft will soon announce the first delivery of giochi Xbox Series X | S, one PC coming Xbox Game Pass next month. In the meantime, we can already get an idea of ​​next month’s lineup, given that 4 titles for February 2022 have already been confirmed.

For February, according to previous announcements from Microsoft and third parties, four games have already been officially confirmed, namely:

  • Dreamscape – Xbox Series X | S e Xbox One – February 3
  • blocker: console version – Xbox Series X | S e Xbox One – February 10
  • edge of eternity – Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One e PC – 10 February
  • Total War: Warhammer 3 – PC – Feb 17

Xbox Game Pass

Dreamscape It is an action roguelike game developed by Afeterburner Games which is based on the dream/wake cycle. At night, immersed in the protagonist’s subconscious, we will encounter nightmares in an ever-changing world, filled with unique objects, skills and challenges. However, during the day we will explore Redhaven City, with the ability to interact with other characters and unlock permanent upgrades so you can face the next dream stronger than ever.

blocker: console version It is, as the title suggests, the Xbox port of the game is already on PC and includes practically the same contents. It is a siege simulator that allows us to experience the typical medieval warfare practice by building various vehicles, vehicles and special equipment to unleash against different castles.

edge of eternity is a fantasy and sci-fi JRPG, centered around the story of Daryon and Selene and their mission to find a cure for the mysterious erosion that seems to be destroying their world. It has been available on PC since last year, and has been a good success, despite the criticism it has received. February 4 marks its debut on console, with the game set to be available for Game Pass at launch, including for PC.

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Total War: Warhammer 3 Finally, you don’t need much of an introduction, as it is the new strategy game of the successful Creative Assembly series, but if you want to know more, we refer you to our experience in which we tested two new factions. The title will arrive on February 17th, so it will likely be part of the second batch of games for Xbox Game Pass.

For the rest of the games coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass arriving in the first half of next month, we’ll have to wait for the official announcement from Microsoft, which will arrive except for surprises this afternoon. Tuesday 1 February.

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