May 28, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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The Ukrainian military uses the Steam Deck to manage the artillery turrets

Apparently steam floors used byUkraine’s army to control from a distance Venetian towers To repel Russian encroachment on the territory.

The news has been reported on various local portals with some pictures and videos immortalizing these instruments of death, called “Sablya”. According to the description given, these are exactly the towers on which different models of machine guns can be installed. It can be maneuvered up to 500 meters with remote commands to monitor its status, aim and fire, thus maintaining user safety. Valve’s laptop seems to be used for remote controls, as we can see in the post below. Steam Deck is a PC so it should be relatively easy to install remote control software of these towers, thus turning it into an ideal console for its operation.

However, the remote control interface of the Slya towers does not appear in the photos and videos circulating on the network, we assume that it is a military secret of the Ukrainian army.

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