Bethesda closes its French division

Bethesda closes its French division

According to what was reported by the French channel Desastre, which specializes in The Elder Scrolls Online and the Fallout series, Bethesda he have closed for him French Pavilion Permanently. The news has not been confirmed by Bethesda, but given the streamer's knowledge within the company, which he has collaborated with for years, we can practically take it for granted.

Carrier message

The French team Bethesda was not involved in the development

“I certainly expected this, but it is the end of the Bethesda offices in France,” wrote Desaster, who wanted to publicly say goodbye to “the people without whom I would not be where I am now.”

“with regard to TissotIn 10 years, I have met all the mayors. “I went to the offices several times, met really nice people and had unique moments for a player like me.”

Desaster then thanked the insiders at Bethesda's French offices, and spoke very personally, describing those who were fired as “really great people, always available, and really, really nice people.” That is why he said he was saddened by the way the studio was closed, that is, by the general silence: “We lowered the curtain and that was it, we turned off the electricity. 10th anniversary The TESO concert was celebrated in Amsterdam, and none of the French team was present. “Now we understand why, but this is unfortunate.”

Disaster concludes his letter by wishing those who have lost their jobs to recover as quickly as possible, a wish we can only support.

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