Thus, the Russian army in Donbass is trying to undermine the Ukrainian resistance –

Thus, the Russian army in Donbass is trying to undermine the Ukrainian resistance –

The invaders decided to create shock detachments or units, departments intended to replace combat battalions and used in battles in trenches, in wooded areas or in urban areas. In theory they are more agile formations, consisting of three tanks, six artillery pieces, six armored vehicles, heavy machine guns, anti-tank systems and grenade launchers. The details were described in evidence that could have been found in the introduction and posted on the Internet by a Ukrainian official, who is protected to remain anonymous. According to the instructions No more than one minute should elapse from the end of the covering fire of the guns to the moment of the attack. It is forbidden – they write – to occupy enemy trenches where they can hide booby traps. The wounded must be evacuated by rescue teams but not by the military personnel involved in the mission. Then there are strict rules for drone use where they must be kept and also for support requests. Perhaps the occupiers have poor means at their disposal and rely on the “factions”. – divided into companies and platoons – they think they can withstand prolonged action despite high losses, 400-500 soldiers a day (according to the Ukrainians).

asked one expert, Australian Gen. Mick Ryan Whether the military has adequate logistics and is able to exploit any vulnerabilities that arise In the defenses of Ukraine. That is, the attackers could open the breach but the central command would therefore not have a way to go deep Tactical success will not follow strategic success. Moreover, innovation involves an in-progress modification, and it is not said to be easy. These are observations that will not be confirmed or denied not at the table, but on the floor where the regulars and Wagner, Albeit at a very slow pace, they are progressing. To what extent and how will we see that.

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As we shall see Whether Ukrainian leaders are massively targeting bases and warehouses around Belgorodon Russian soil. And the head of military intelligence, Vadim Skibitsky, did not rule it out in an interview with German media in preparation for the spring offensive. four sides: the area was already the scene of raids; It is possible that Kiev contemplates a continuous rather than an intermittent work; Moscow could respond more forcefully. The United States and its allies have long declared their opposition, in fact, they have denied long-range weapons.

The battle for the rear also includes Belarus. The internal opposition group Bypol announced damage to a Russian A 50 Mainstay radar aircraft on a stand on the Machulishchy runway, south of Kiev. The rebels claim they used a drone in an operation that had been planned for months. At the moment, there are several “voices” awaiting verification. The regime’s opponents carried out many acts of sabotageEspecially against the railway. But Lukashenko, despite Moscow’s pressure, has avoided sending his troops into Ukraine, providing crucial logistical support to the Kremlin’s plans. At the same time He threatened retaliation if his country was the target of foreign attacks. A real possibility does not even rule out provocations to “justify” reprisals.

These are moments of great tension, in which the dynamics of war intertwine with political balances. Ukrainian President Zelensky relieved General Eduard Moskaliev, commander of the joint forces participating in the Battle of Donbass. At the moment, there is no explanation for the change, and a link to instances of corruption within the hierarchy is assumed. A few weeks ago, even Defense Minister Olesky Reznikov’s dismissal seemed imminent, a story that has since returned. Only today the high exponent said that The decision to keep Bakhmut at all costs is a way to prevent the opponent from launching a major offensive As well as allowing Kiev to await the arrival of trained soldiers in Europe. Instead, the head of the press service of the Southern Quarter Forces, Natalya Gumenyuk, gave an explanation about How will Ukraine be able to restore its sovereignty over the lost territories: «The Russian occupiers will not give up Crimea easily, but it is unlikely that there will be fierce battles on the peninsula. There will be a different scenario.” You mean to negotiate?

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