Xbox Series X | S, FPS Boost for Xbox 360 games in the Digital Foundry test –

L ‘FPS Boost It is undoubtedly a very interesting feature of Xbox Series X | s, which allows you to increase the frames per second of a file games Backward compatible, Digital Foundry put it to the test with a series of titles for Xbox 360.

As we know, FPS Boost has expired and no new titles will be added to the compatibility list in the near future, due to various technical reasons; So it’s all about enjoying what’s currently available.

The analysis by John Lineman is timely as usual and shows each product in the original version, with frameworks in the manual and confirms any problems, then what happens on the Xbox Xbox X NS Xbox S Activate FPS Boost.

For example, Sonic Generations reaches i 60 frames per second Even in sections that had significant stutter originally, Gears of War 3 similarly leaves behind glitches and doubts in the past for shooting at 60 fixed frames.

Interestingly, FPS Boost often works in parallel with the resolution improvement that has resulted in many of these titles reaching 4K accommodate 1440 p on new Microsoft consoles.

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