To lift drooping eyelids and rejuvenate eyes after 40 years, this gorgeous eye make-up simply de-populates

To lift drooping eyelids and rejuvenate eyes after 40 years, this gorgeous eye make-up simply de-populates

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. There is nothing more wonderful than scrutinizing what lies behind an ambiguous view. Eyes speak and are a weapon of seduction that never lies. Which is why maintaining a lively look instantly makes us more feminine and interesting.

To revive and intensify it, makeup takes care of it, a good ally of beauty at all ages.

Over time, the skin will obviously become less tight, more dull and saggy. There are many women who avoid applying makeup because of wrinkles and prevent makeup from accumulating in the classic “folds”.

In fact, a few simple rules will be enough to remember that it is good for all women

You will just need to know a few simple tricks to create a perfect makeup, easy and fast. With good makeup, you can earn up to 10 years less.

For example, here’s how to do your makeup after the age of 50 and look younger and more comfortable With these simple beauty secrets.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the eyes are the staple of every self-respecting make-up. Oftentimes, a simple coat of mascara can be enough to create the look of a doe. Be careful, however, because to get an impeccable result, Mascara should always be applied this waybut not all of them know that.

sagging eyelid

A drooping eyelid is not always synonymous with aging. Many young women have what’s called a hooded eye. That is, when the fixed eyelid completely or partially covers the moving eyelid.

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Age, then, certainly contributes to the development of this phenomenon.

So the makeup world has put together a series of techniques and tricks to lift drooping eyelids and rejuvenate eyes in just a few minutes.

Let’s start with the basic practical advice

To get a beautiful, gorgeous look, we always start with good skin hydration.

After applying the primer, the traditional method suggests opening your eyes with a light eye shadow. Then, to ramp it up by playing with the chiaroscuro effect. Therefore, in the crease of the eye, apply a darker eyeshadow (not black, but brown). Finally, an inner liner tinted with buttercream and plenty of mascara.

There are also many other, more innovative technologies.

In fact, to lift drooping eyelids and rejuvenate the eyes after the age of 40, this bright eye makeup is fading away.

He’s been driving all women crazy for a few years but he continues to wander all over the world. We are talking about “reverse make-up”.

A clever trick that focuses attention on the lower part of the eye. aEyeliner On the contrary, it is placed under the lower eyelashes.

The colors to use are intense like black, brown or blue. There is also an alternative in shades that are more neutral, but they should be bright. Basically a full eyeliner but in the lower lashes area.

Just put a cream eyeliner or pencil under the eyes. The eyes will look elongated and sexy without being overburdened.

The focus shifts, the look instantly looks younger and more seductive, and the drooping eyelid will be forgotten.

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