The Lion Who Loves Kisses: Cuddling With His Human Friend (Video)

The Lion Who Loves Kisses: Cuddling With His Human Friend (Video)

A lion is a majestic, majestic animal that can often be intimidating but with a cat full of cuddling, then this happens (video).

Do you want to kiss George? Naturally for him, this man as his four-legged friend chose not just any pet, but a huge lion that would make anyone run away.

Do you want to kiss George? – Leon Kisses Source @shandorlarenty TikTok –

In the video we notice his big mouth and sharp teeth which he shows proudly, self-confident and ready to use them if needed.

The lion as a possible friend? He wants cuddles and kisses

Many people dream of having wild animals in the garden or at home as friends perhaps after seeing them Mowgli In the cinema. But is it really possible to make friends with a wild species, a predator used to hunting and eating meat? It’s not that simple, but in some cases it seems possible.

We’re definitely not talking about caged animals for the entertainment of humans, definitely not. We don’t like this at all, but there are facts where endangered animals or orphaned puppies are rescued and raised by humans, becoming true friends.

Leon Kisses Source @shandorlarenty TikTok –

In this video we see volume Lion eager to Cuddles and kisses From his human friend, you see no limitations and you will immediately feel the majestic king of the jungle completely at ease.

Leo lives free and happy, being in a state of complete relaxation and comfort. It sounds unbelievable but that is exactly what it is. human friend, Sandor Laurenti Write below the video: “I make sure George gets a kiss every time I see him! Of course your best friend is Leo.”

Video posted by @employee in his profile Tik Tok Unsurprisingly, it drew fan comments. There were many expressions of approval and tenderness with regard to the tender relationship shown by the two.

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Many surprised comments and hearts were given to wild animals So beautiful, strong and regal as well as tender like a cat looking for a cuddle. The man stays close King of the Jungle stroking and kissing him on several occasions.

@employee I make sure George gets a kiss every time I see him! It’s standard procedure when your best friend is a Leo. 🧡🦁 # georgitillion #retweet #Wildlife #the animals #Lion #South Africa ♬ FALL IN LOVE – JAWNY

They are all documented and photographed to show the general public how all living things, even the most aggressive in appearance, want nothing but a little love. Take a look at the top trending video on the web and you will be amazed at how much beauty there is in these stunning images.

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