Horoscope Week until May 1st: Adventurous Libra

Horoscope Week until May 1st: Adventurous Libra

Next week From Monday 25 April to Sunday 1 May 2022L’horoscope map He will present himself truly exceptionally to the sign of Aries, in first place in the ranking, and to the sign of Pisces. At the bottom there will be the sign of Capricorn and the sign of Aquarius.

following, horoscope predictions For all signs of the week.

Weekly horoscope: Aries leads the chart

the first Aries: You will be at the top of the horoscope thanks to the great momentum you will have on the love level, because you will be able to conquer your loved one, or if you are already in a love relationship, you will take a step forward as a beginning to coexistence.

In professional challenges you will be the best at handling the most disparate situations, while on the weekends you will feel a little nervous due to exhaustion.

The second fish: A wonderful week full of twists and turns in love awaits you. You will have the maximum energy to take on the most intense challenges which you also cannot bet on. The luck of Venus gives you an extraordinary impetus for those situations related to the realm of the mind. Exercising may now be easier and easier, especially on the weekends.

the third Bakr: You will have to deal with many friendships that will put you at the center of attention. In love, passion can be more than optimal, not to mention the great understanding that will be recorded in the field of communication.

In the second part of the week, work can mark a turning point in the financial sphere, even if you have to face some small expenses as well.

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the fourth Balance: The trick in love and friendly relations can provoke an increased interest that is focused on you.

A constructive dialogue will be created in your love story, which can really lead to a stronger stability. At work, on the other hand, you will have a tendency to be more individualistic, and in some respects this can be beneficial for any business, according to the predictions of the horoscope.

active bull

Fifth ox: You will certainly have an energetic and destabilizing impulse to be able to go on with the work and projects that take so long at this moment, while in love a new consciousness will occur that will push you to strive for more and more harmony with a partner.

You will have encounters that can give you a beautiful friendship, while for an old friendship you will need to evaluate it on a case by case basis.

VI Sagittarius: You will not have obstacles that may hinder your career path, because you will have a liveliness and alertness that can make you feel more confident in yourself, but also express a feeling of solidity in others. You will have particularly interesting encounters, especially if you tend to make new friends that can last a long time.

seventh cancer: The presence of Mars in your planet may give you the entrepreneurial spirit that you have been lacking lately thanks to a little healthy relaxation.

It’s not going to be a week where you don’t think about focusing, so rolling up your sleeves will not only give you an eventual promotion or extra income, but it can lead to a very promising experience.

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VIII The scorpion: You will definitely be divided between positive and negative feelings, in which you may feel some anxiety. Most of the week will be very busy, but luck in the first part of the week can give you some small satisfaction. On a private level, you will have to review some choices made in the past that may now be very close to you.

Twins in decline

ninth twins: You will feel somewhat slowed down, you are likely to begin a phase where you will want to change the air or in any case make choices that will diverge significantly from your current duties.

You will have a lot of luck on a private level, because there will be more and more decisive understandings for your love story. According to the horoscopes, the funniest moments can be in the middle of the week and weekends.

10 degrees Lion: There may be dreams that take a long time to come true. At the moment, you may not have much space to work on, plus the week, which was not so lucky, will be full of changes that you can quickly get used to. According to the horoscope, the weekend may bring you some charisma to be able to attract people who want to get close to you.

11 degrees Aquarium: You will enter a stage where there will be family issues to be resolved and some sacrifices to be made on a personal level.

You should think more about yourself and your health and avoid unnecessary arguments, especially if you are nervous. You might get a little jealous and not be very tolerant of arguments for which you can’t find an answer.

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12 degrees Capricorn: In love you will not encounter particular difficulties. The stress of some recent disappointment may test your nerves, and may cause you to miss out on luck that can help you a lot financially at the moment. According to the predictions of the horoscope, you will definitely have to seize those small opportunities that will appear before you at the weekend.

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