Hands test, until you discover the hidden side of your personality: these details say it all

Hands test, until you discover the hidden side of your personality: these details say it all

An easy-to-do text that can awaken some aspect of your personality that may not have been published yet, is exactly this related to the shape and temperature of your hands, so if you want to know an aspect of your personality that you may not know, start the test.

It often happens to us in life that we rediscover people who are different from what we thought we were, and perhaps some aspects of our personality that we did not give much importance to, They are instead the ones to rate, making us the best versions of ourselves.

There are many ways to understand more about your person, and relying on professionals is certainly the wisest option, but to start listening to yourself, perhaps guided by some tests, may be the first step to A moment of reflection and entertainment that later opens the doors to a broader discussion in the appropriate places.

Visual testing of the shape and temperature of your hand wants to start from telling something basic, Every human body hides secrets, not only from others, but also from themselves, Trying to understand each other more deeply is a promotional move to live in harmony, the delicate hands, lotus shape and temperature are some of the basic personality traits that can be associated with the elements of fire and water.

Through this picture, Which shows scorpions with blue and red signs and the elements of the earth, you can find out more about yourself and it is a very simple test because you can try it anywhere.

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Let’s start with the visual hand test

As you can see from the image, the four hands shown show some colored dots that represent the temperature of those areas, the blue ones are the cold parts, while the red ones are the hot spots. Keep this guide in mind and let’s get the testing started.

As you can see from the picture, each hand is also associated with a sign of the elements of the Earth, (Water, Air, Earth and Fire)which is indicated under the hand is the missing part, this is the part of the character that needs to be explored and analyzed, In some cases it has not been evaluated, It is often people with the opposite component that makes this lack more apparent.

The first step to take, Is to find your hand among these four to understand the associated element Then look and touch your hand to get a sense of the heat and cold points after the image indicators.

I found your hand, let’s move on to the explanation

water element

In general, your hand feels excessive sweating. This could mean that you are one a very emotional person, Your heart is big and you can sympathize with people. This personality type is also referred to as: HealersBecause they are able to bring joy and happiness to those close to them. The weak part and the absolute lack of the fire element, you never throw yourself into situations much and never put yourself before yourself in situations.

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air element

Especially extend your hand with very thin fingers. If this is your condition then you are one creative person, Full of grace and elegance even when going through different moments in life. This type of personality is also referred to as: wizards, Because they always have the ability to find the solution to solve problems quickly and almost instantly.

The weak point is that they completely lack the element of texture and thus are associated with discipline and perseverance, which is why Earth characters are essential on their way to give them inspiration and keep their focus.

earth element

Your hand is very large, thick, with an elongated palm. One of the main characteristics of someone who possesses this item is They have a great background in their fieldBecause of discipline and wisdom gained over time.

This type of character is also referred to as: KingThis means, more than anything else, that they are seen as leaders, people instinctively follow Earth personalities because they give a lot of confidence and show they know what they’re doing. The weak point is the lack of the element of air, never allowing himself to go into lightness, often obsessively fixing himself on something until the set goal is reached, and this is to the detriment of those necessary moments of rest.

fire element

Your hand is generally long and fingers are short. The main characteristic of these people of course is Passion, determination and enthusiasm, They often embark on new challenges and big goals tirelessly.

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This character type is also referred to as: WarriorsThey are fighters in life, brave, especially when they set a goal that is difficult for them not to complete, and to pass any obstacle. Their weakness and almost complete inability to think about the common good, and to try to pursue only their own goals, need to find an element of water at their side that sometimes helps them reconnect with other needs around them.

There are many visual tests to discover the strange aspects of one’s personality, In this link you can find another interesting link.

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