The miracle of science vaccine

The miracle of science vaccine

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Roberto Kim, head of the intensive care department at Siryat Hospital, traces the most tragic and disruptive moments of the health emergency that the Bergamo region has experienced. Thanks to the generosity of the many entrepreneurs gathered at the Sports for Solidarity Academy, hundreds of patients could be treated

Covid-19 has forced many patients to intensive care. How did you face the outbreak of the epidemic in our province?

“No one expected such a contagious and widespread event throughout the world. The initial lack of preparedness was due to the fact that there was no knowledge of the virus, but we immediately rolled up our sleeves and began to disable our hospitals to combat the epidemic.”

We all remember the queues outside the emergency rooms and inside the health facilities, the beds were not enough to accommodate and treat the large number of injured people from Bergamo.

“In Seriate alone we got to 100 patients in the emergency room, when there are usually 30 or 40 people max. The number of patients with respiratory failure forced us to expand beds in intensive and semi-intensive care. I can confirm that we succeeded in achieving a miracle, because in 15 days we have quadrupled intensive care thanks to a tremendous technical, logistical and operational effort.”

In addition to the physical spaces, where beds and patients could be accommodated, the problem was also finding equipment.

“Fortunately our department was well equipped, but obviously we had to look for fans and the famous C-pap helmets. We came up with 60 simultaneous treatments and the devices were used for patients who needed less invasive care. Among the 240 beds, including intensive care In two weeks, we turned only to a Covid hospital. The medical equipment that was indispensable for treating patients certainly did not jump out of the hat. The companies did not have enough stocks and the aid was required by all the Lombardy and Italian hospitals. ”

At this moment, the generosity of all Bergamo residents and many entrepreneurs was unleashed, which made it possible to restore the necessary equipment in a short time.

“We really have to thank the Orobic companies who contacted the Academy of Sports for solidarity, subsidies and vital equipment. An ongoing relationship was established with Giovanni Lisini, the founder of the association, which allowed us to understand our needs and find solutions for the benefit of the whole community ».

What are the main problems?

“For the helmets and respirators to work, a lot of oxygen was needed, so the supply unit had to be changed and strengthened to help all patients, but the same goes for the flow meters. All our applause goes to the companies, many of them from Bergamo, which have increased their production of H24, because together with health workers they have made it possible to treat and save hundreds of lives.

The pandemic period was marked by many miracles, as in the case of the discovery of the so-called “curare” drugs, which are necessary for patients to sleep and to allow them to lie down and breathe better in the most severe cases. As soon as we spoke to Giovanni Licini, we found out that there is a fact in our territory that markets curare flasks. Keep in mind that during the first wave we had about eighty patients who were intubated for 15/20 days and needed more pronation cycles so they could breathe better. With a sting of fate, the medicine given to us by the Bergamo-based company has helped save many lives, but also the donor businessman himself, who has contracted Covid in the meantime. Finally, it is worth remembering the arrival, thanks to the availability of the Sports Academy of Solidarity, in agreement with Dr. Gianluigi Battelli, Head of Radiology at Siriati, mobile Taka from the Netherlands. The smears required long waiting times, while the x-rays of the lungs made it possible to immediately determine the patient’s health condition and thus start treatment.”

From a humanitarian point of view, what is left of the battle against the pandemic?

“We are deeply touched by the loss of our fellow doctors and nurses who worked with us and whom we unfortunately saw die. During our hospitalization, we have never lacked our support for the patients in the hospital, but we have also established a human relationship with families, who have entrusted their loved ones to us without being able to find them And in many cases they never saw them again because they died in the meantime. I conclude by saying that we should be grateful for the science that did a real miracle, creating a vaccine that allows us to return to normal life.”

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