Postepay, ever noticed a backpack? It becomes invalid if…

Postepay, ever noticed a backpack?  It becomes invalid if…

Postepay is a tool used by many users. Few, however, have noticed the writing on the back

Postepay scam (Image: Adobe)

Postepay, like all financial management tools, should be used with utmost awareness. The Danger It is that you may take dangerous actions or be exposed to fraud. Obviously, the caveat does not only apply to the main product of Italian Post But everyone offers the possibility of buying or using sums of money.

Returning to the Poste Italiane prepaid card, not everyone has paid attention to all the details in Postpaid. There are some details that can be of great importance and in some cases crucial to the success of operations. Let’s find out in detail what a file is Back From the Poste Italiane license plate and above all how to avoid dangers or problems.

Postepay, beware of the back: it becomes invalid if …


On the back of Postepay there is a series of files Important details. The CVV, or card validation value, is probably one of the most valuable indicators. The toll-free number can also be very useful, especially in case you lose a card or to find an answer to any possibility.

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On paper, it’s also clear that if Postepay is found, using it illegally is a a crime. In this case, the advice is to send it to an address Italian Post, in Viale Europa 175, 00144 Rome. But there’s also something else to take into consideration.

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In the middle, again on this side of the card, it is marked as without a file the signature To be installed in the box Operations cannot be performed. Details that some may underestimate but can be crucial. In conclusion, we advise you, before using any financial management tool, to Read carefully All warnings.

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