This American SUV winks at the Ferrari Borusange: this model has already charmed the market

This American SUV winks at the Ferrari Borusange: this model has already charmed the market

With the rampant fashion for luxury SUVs, many manufacturers have decided to venture into this segment. Here's what they produced in the USA

growth to Sports utility vehicle She no longer knows boundaries. The goal is always to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, but in the end, they all end up together in one great concept of high-wheeled car design. SUVs look more and more similar, and if it were not for the logo and some details, it would be difficult to distinguish a German car from an Italian or American car.

The new SUV produced in the USA has attractive features –

Buick has unveiled a new SUV in 2024. This is the Envision, a model that aims to redefine the concept of a luxury all-wheeler with plenty of space on board and sporty proportions. It remains to be seen whether this will give a jolt to an increasingly consolidated sector. The American brand promises that it will be difficult to find a better package in terms of quality and price offer.

The American brand decided to differentiate the product in a way that covers the different needs of enthusiasts. Envision will cover the top of the range with the new 2024 model. It has a low-profile silhouette and a particularly forward-sloping muzzle. The new Buick logo stands out above the front grille.

The car surprises with a rounded, sculpted appearanceSends to Ferrari Borosangui. The lines give a visualization of fluidity. However, the shape of the light clusters is thinner, which makes the front of the car very interesting.

SUV, Buick's new model

The Envision embodies the DNA of the Buick brand. The high-wheeled car is, in fact, a pure expression of the new design launched by Buick. The concept of an SUV at a higher level than the American standard promises to gain many followers.

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The Buick SUV looks like a Ferrari Purosangio
Ferrari Borosange, an example of many major brands (Ansa) –

The Envision offers plenty of legroom and a very polished dashboard. Buick's latest infotainment system has been enhanced to deliver good looks and cutting-edge technology. The interaction is intuitive. There is no lack of attention to detail even for the covers. Everything is designed for a calm and stress-free journey.

The new visualization is the third of the five New cars that will debut in 2024, continuing the impressive growth momentum in the United States. Sales are up 76.4% through May 2023. He started 2024 with great intentions. the secret? Sculpted looks, high performance, modern interiors and cutting-edge technology.

Another deciding factor is our award-winning customer service And Buick sales expertise that promises an outside-the-box approach. Ferrari certainly has another charm and can boast a V12 engine that is unique in the world. It makes us think about how Purosangue del Cavallino has already become a reference point for the best car brands. The Purosangue SUV, praised by Jeremy Clarkson in a recent test drive. “It's worth all the money it costs,” comments the popular former Top Gear presenter. Coming from it, it is a guarantee.

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