Stadia would cancel Kojima exclusive because single players are not selling –

Stadia would cancel Kojima exclusive because single players are not selling –

According to a new report from 9to5Google, kojima It has been suggested to Google to produce a file Stadia exclusive game. But everything was Deleted Because single players don’t have a market, according to Google.

As indicated, this new game from Kojima Productions was going to be a single player (exactly, unlike Death Stranding which offers asynchronous online mechanics) and that seemed to be the problem: Stadia thought there was no longer a market for single-player games. So the project was closed.

According to sources, Stadia initially approved the project and Kojima has started the early stages of development. Shortly after showing the prototypes, in the middle of 2020, Google decided to discard the project. The final decision to block the business appears to have been made by Phil Harrison.

Kojima and Michelson

According to previous reports, Kojima’s match with Stadia was a Casual horror game. It was said that Kojima himself was very interested in the idea of ​​working with the capabilities of the cloud.

Work on this potential exclusive began in late 2019, so the game may not have been ready before Stadia closed.

Stadia’s Kojima project has been at the center of the rumors for a long time, and it stands to reason that it’s possible that these are the over-the-top rumors in development in collaboration with Microsoft.

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