Would you pay €35,000 for an old Fiat 126? Look at this car that looks like a Ferrari and then we’ll talk about it

Would you pay €35,000 for an old Fiat 126?  Look at this car that looks like a Ferrari and then we’ll talk about it

Have you ever seen such a powerful little car with a terrifying engine? This car is downright terrifying, drive it to believe it.

If you are a true car enthusiast probably You are already familiar With the term “sleepers”, an English word that defines seemingly harmless cars that can then put the supercar in a bad situation, both on and off the track: these cars have in fact undergone devastating tuning that makes their engines… alive!

Fiat 126 model you have never seen before (ANSA) – Allaguida.it

It is difficult to imagine a more harmful car than it Fiat 126 smallLet’s be clear, a four-seater that dates back to the 1970s and was also produced in Poland for a good period of time and that wasn’t exactly born for racing even if the wonderful Abarth version would please us. The car is not a rocket, for sure.

By the way, the small car from the Italian brand is equipped with a two-cylinder engine with a power of only 23 horsepower, which is enough to reach a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour. better For a short period of this period But it’s definitely a bit weak when it comes to racing on the track. It is unfortunate that the owner of this car did not know about this Make it a threat For any supercar.

WRC engine

What will happen if you install a motor Much larger than expected In the rear engine compartment of the Italian car, assuming it actually had anything to do with it? Apparently, nothing is quiet, you just have to see what came out of this amazing tuning whose protagonist is the Fiat 126P, a Polish-produced version of the Italian car.

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Fiat 126P
Here is the fastest Fiat 126P in the world (Engine Swap Depot) – Allaguida.it

Built from melodyp JDM Siruis It’s literally scary and comes with a file The famous Japanese engine, the 250-horsepower four-cylinder engine also used in the popular Impreza makes the car definitely more performant. Among other things, the homage to Subaru racing is very nice – you know those gold wheels? – The Abarth logo is imposed on the hood.

We still don’t know much about the car’s performance since the mechanics are there It still works To improve the car’s road holding, braking and acceleration, but we know how much they intend to sell it to one lucky enthusiast who will take charge of it at a price of 34 thousand euros! It is available in Poland, in case you want to take advantage of it.

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