Juventus: Allegri's last derby, the right man in the wrong place |

Juventus: Allegri's last derby, the right man in the wrong place |
The final derby for Allegri and Juric was a final day match, as if the two teams couldn't wait to go on holiday. This is the sad summary Challenging in theory and full of meaning, and in practice weak in emotions Occasions. Vlahovic missed a brilliant goal ten minutes later, Juve then set up two more and then disappeared in the second halfwhen the best chances were del Toro and Chesney thwarted her.

Individuals – There was very little good play, and few good individual performances. Among the granata, Ricci and Linetti perform well in midfield as well as Bongiorno in defence, and the usual Rabiot, Bremer and Cambiasso are enough for the Bianconeri. Then nothing more. Locatelli too slow, McKennie embarrassed and a separate discussion for ChiesaHe always gives the impression that he is playing his own game against everyone else or alone. But he was also the right man at the wrong times, as he provided Vlahovic with an assist that was enough for him to race towards goal instead of the post, and in the second half he provided Juve's only surge with a shot blocked by Danilo. Talking aboutThe right man in the wrong place. A bit like Allegri on the Juventus bench, at least these days no longer in the #finoallafine tagline but simply from the end of the word.

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