Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon: Preview a new level of the game from FromSoftware!

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon: Preview a new level of the game from FromSoftware!

FromSoftware returns to giant bots for Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon to delight old fans and recruit new, young fans.

Under the Bandai Namco platform, after a short descent in the elevator, we suddenly find ourselves on an abandoned military base. The terminals still seemed to work, but the sparks that jumped from the electrical connections told a different story: the overall system was struggling to contain the remaining power. A curve and a corridor and then we found ourselves in a room lined with pipes, a few chairs in the middle and a big screen with three FromSoftware officers ready to show us. Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon preview.

Hopes …

Armored Core 6 fires from Rubicon: Compared to what we saw, this is epic too!
Armored Core 6 fires from Rubicon: Compared to what we saw, this is epic too!

No inventions! It all really happened: Bandai Namco wanted to do big things and created a sci-fi setting for the occasion, perfect for instantly putting visitors in the right mood. An unexpected surprise that takes us back to the glories of the E3s past, when similar settings stood still, to celebrate the return of a series we’ve loved in alternate chapters since 1998. Not all armored cores are, in fact, good games, but fortunately it’s really hard to line up the new Rubicon fires with the worst. In fact, if we’re really going to be honest, he’d most likely end up at least among the top three.

It’s easy to explain and understand the reasons for this optimism: the newer Armored Core V is eleven years old, so the series has been technically stuck on PS3 and Xbox 360, and moreover, this is the first episode to appear under the new Miyazaki – powered by FromSoftware and could benefit of positive creative (and financial) impact that its predecessors had left behind. All this was tangible in new offer We’re shown it in Los Angeles, where the hero’s goal is to infiltrate the bowels of a refinery until he reaches its powerful guard: a droid halfway between a combat mecha and a mobile foundry made of puffs of smoke and drops of lava.

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top order

Armored Core 6 Rubicon fires: If two feet isn't enough, it's time to hit the trails
Armored Core 6 Rubicon fires: If two feet isn’t enough, it’s time to hit the trails

The place that forms the background of the mission is this structure between earth and sky, metal and concrete, not too shielded, but with its own security made of Lasers and robot hostesses Willing to die for the removal of any offenders. The mechanism used at the start of the mission is very flexible, a feature that allows it to fly from one safe area to another without worrying about overloading its engines. The bot itself can attack large groups of enemies, anticipating its arrival with a barrage of missiles from above, followed by lightning-fast melee moves that often result in the rapid annihilation of the defending forces.

At this point in the show we have the time and the opportunity to admire the graphical interface which, like many of the previous chapters, occupies a large part of the screen while not providing who knows how much information: however, when an enemy is attacked, in the HUD we will be able to see the energy Easily remaining and what could be valuable attached to his guard which, once broken, should leave enemy mechs at the mercy of the beating of our armored heart. We are forced to use the subjunctive because we weren’t holding the board and weren’t allowed to ask questions afterwards, so we don’t know all the implications of such a move.

Mechanical Edition

Armored Core 6 fires from Rubicon: And let's not forget that the game could contain a mister plot
Armored Core 6 fires from Rubicon: And let’s not forget that the game could contain a mister plot

Things get more difficult from the middle level onwards, when the protagonist and the mechanic of the overhanging stands leave the structure to finally sneak inside. The droids here are more responsive and better armed than those outside, so much so that the hero soon gives up under the blows of the enemy. Thus we discover that the level is divided into checkpoints, but we do not know how frequent it is, and that before returning to the game we will have the opportunity to rebuild our machine with no limits other than having the necessary pieces. The new vehicle is very similar to the previous one with some differences in the legs, now more armored and slower, and in the weapons available. The approach to the battlefield also changes: the programmer in the controls often finds himself a Use his energy shield And hit enemies at a safe distance, rhythmically dodging incoming bullets.

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Steel Mercenaries in Armored Fires Pulp 6 from Rubicon

Rubicon's Armored Core 6 Fires: Hunter or Hunt?
Rubicon’s Armored Core 6 Fires: Hunter or Hunt?

In the large room where the beta level peaks, waiting for Raven is this large oven robot that forces another setting change to be defeated. With this checkpoint system things probably seem too easy, but making those Armored Core 6 fires on the Rubicon is clearly a lot more fun. This invention must be weighed in parallel with the difficulty of engagements, of which we can say little for obvious reasons; Watching a programmer play probably the ace just to experiment with the title makes things seem a lot simpler than they could actually be. Moreover, this is a demo designed specifically for the Summer Games Festival, calibrated for a specific use: to show what we need while respecting the predetermined time. Practically speaking, even if we’re talking about FromSoftware, judging the difficulty of a title like this is practically impossible right now.

However, we can evaluate the Rubicon’s Armored Core 6 fires both graphically and technically. The mecha design is always at a high level and you can easily see from the pictures, the structure in which the pilot mission is set is complex and also looks full of possible secret avenues. What’s less convincing is this extreme cleanliness of the image, combined with the lack of a consistent layer of detail, which makes everything a bit cold and almost sterile. But the frontiers that we projected more than technical ago, FromSoftware usually puts its heart and poetry into it. Perhaps the latter is in danger of disappearing here?

Checkpoint builder

The Rubicon's Armored Core 6 fires: exciting verticals
The Rubicon’s Armored Core 6 fires: exciting verticals

Only about 2 months left and Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon still won’t play. The impression is that it is a strong title as well as very clever tactically, but it is necessary to get your hands on to really understand things. System Checkpoints It’s certainly interesting, but how would you deal with it if in each Fire of Souls it was possible to completely change the character build to suit the enemy in the future? We need to understand how FromSoftware plans to balance this fun novelty, and then also all the rest: the level and mission design, the variety of units from which to build the mechanics and whether there will be enemies that will actively come looking for us in addition to the passive guards that we’ve been shown sympathetically. Main.

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Perhaps with Armored Core 6, Fires of Rubicon could go two ways: It would either prove to be as beautiful as Armored Core or as beautiful as FromSoftware’s game, but it’s much harder to miss by revealing itself to be a product of little importance. The game is there and we saw it, and now we would like to try it too…


  • Fully customizable mechanism
  • Clean graphics
  • We love the checkpoint system


  • The user interface is a bit rough
  • Graphically a bit naked
  • The checkpoint system worries us

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