They shout gifts, but Pew and Amedeo crush them


Ex-actress and influencer Felino celebrated a year of love: gift exchange, event venue and future projects

Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo PritelliOn Boxing Day, they celebrated a year of love. From their social profiles, the couple posted a series of honeymoon contents to remember the date that Al Big Brother VIP 5, it all started. Of course, for this event, there was no shortage of gifts. And what gifts! Italian-Persian Influencer Gave His Lover a Precious cartier watch, Explaining that he had chosen such a thing because it would last over time and thus would be a testament to the special day he lives on. Villino’s ex-Striscia la Notizia surprised her partner with Golden ring, an important token of love.

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I ‘Prime‘They exchanged me Wants all’hotel Romano Via Veneto Suites Where they booked a room to spend the night. Pierpaolo, a true gentleman, sprayed the room with red petals, allowing Julia to find heart-shaped balloons, roses and a square with the ring on the double bed. The whole thing was immortalized on Instagram, with the young man from Maratea also writing for more than just a sugary treat:

“I like to think that this is the first of many goals. Today we are pulling back the front lines, and if I look back to review what we have built, I see our experiences and our travels… and it all makes me proud of who we are today. We are each other’s strength, one of them It is the element that complements the other.I love this complicity that exists between us, it makes us an indomitable team, because it sticks together and defends itself together, everything you need to protect the love we have always dreamed of, is able to make us excited at a simple glance, at any moment. Thank you for those first 365 together, thank you for the way you were able to support and handle me, thank you for how you took care of me, thank you because I know you will always be there for me. Never change! I love you.”

Julia also indulged in her profile Instagram, posts a professional video, which she captions off-screen, with the memorable moments of the first twelve months she spent alongside Pierpaolo. “At the time when we weren’t looking for love, but maybe that was what we needed most‘, one of the key clips highlighted by Salmi, in describing the GF Vip’s photo. Still: “I am more and more convinced that you are the right person, and for the first time I know that I am not alone. I cannot imagine my future without you. You are my first fan.”

The influencer also emphasized the important family bond that was created with the original families involved: “My family is crazy about you and I feel like a part of youFinally, the conclusion that the Prelemes are really thinking about taking the long-overdue big steps. “I like to think that in the future, with a little white hair, we’ll look back and be able to tell our story to our grandchildren”. son and marriage insight?

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Pio and Amedeo, the attack on Julia Salemi

Bio and audio, during the past few hours, during the screening of their latest movie titled hello billy, by SuperguidaTV and booked some sharpshooting shots for some influencers including Julia Salmy. The comic duo didn’t go for cuteness, arguing that there are characters who follow “appearance culture” at the expense of truth.

These are the statements made by a regiment man to the magazine: “There are people who go to restaurants to make a video, and they always say strength and words like that. Then there are also those who take the picture but only the dessert, which is the cheapest. Then they wrote that it was a great dinner to claim a status that does not exist. This is a symbol of how the culture of showing up overwhelms us.” You live for approval even at the expense of the truth.”.

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