Super Bonus 110%, full discount only until 2023. Condominiums, villas, first and second homes: what’s changing

The race to use Super Bonus 110% And other privileges related to housing, which were approved in the budget law, and which will be finally approved by the Council by the end of the year. With regard to the most advantageous obstacles and penalties which limited its use, they have been removed, providing taxpayers with a Full extension for two years. But on the one hand, the growing warning of the “bubble” effect with price increases reported by Mario Draghi himself, and on the other hand the Ministry of Economy’s concerns about the economic sustainability of the measure (as well as credit fraud taxes) lead us to believe that it is unlikely that There are more time extensions for the procedure. Thus one opens time window Two years during which they can take full advantage of the 110% advantage.

This possibility concerns in particular I Housing units (for common areas and for single apartments) and building owners or co-owners with a number of Real estate units from two to four: In the 2024 the percentage will drop to 70% it is in 2025 65th Street. The subsidy will be applied to both ‘driving’ (heat insulation, air conditioning, etc.) and ‘towing’ (other energy efficiency measures) works. In the case of single-family buildings, townhouses, there is another reason to speed up: in the end the benefit will be due without restrictions but 30% of the work will have to be completed by next June 30. Moreover, the distinction between the main dwelling and others in which the owner does not reside has been abolished.

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controls Small interventions, invalid pressure

In the text of the Budget Code, the previously approved Decree-Law was transferred and which has already entered into force, which provides for a series of checks aimed at avoiding fraudulent behavior by those who benefit from super-rewards or other bonuses, in particular in the case of transfer of credit. In particular, certification and visa compliance are required for these interventions. However, this limitation is not related to interventions of up to 10 thousand euros; Furthermore, expenses for sworn translations will in turn be deductible.

PV There is an extension to transplant

So far, the installation of photovoltaic systems has been considered a “paid” intervention by those who qualify for the 110 percent super-reward, both aimed at energy efficiency and earthquake prevention. The Budget Act confirms this option by linking deadlines to those of the main intervention and thus extending it de facto. There is a set cap on the total amount spent on photovoltaic cells, which is 48 thousand euros with an additional limit of 2,400 euros per kilowatt of nominal power.

earthquakes Full returns for four years

In areas affected by various earthquakes starting in 2009 in L’Aquila, it will be possible to exploit 110 percent of the huge bonuses in the version allocated to reconstruction interventions without restrictions until the end of 2025, which may concern both housing units and individuals. and semi-detached buildings. The discount will be full in all four years. Therefore, in addition to the Abruzzo earthquake that occurred twelve years ago, those that occurred in Emilia in 2012 and the events between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 that affected four regions of central Italy are also included.

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interfaces 2022 discount drops to 60%

The interfaces bonus is confirmed for a year, but at a reduced discount rate. Support is due for interventions aimed at restoring or restoring the external facade of existing buildings, of any cadastral category, including instrumental properties. The works may relate to opaque structures, balconies, ornaments, or cornices. However, the buildings must be located in Zones A and B, as defined in Ministerial Resolution 1444 of 1968. So far, owners can benefit from a 90 percent discount, which for 2022 has been reduced to 60.

barriers Lifts Incentives

For 2022, a new specific deduction has been introduced for expenditures aimed at removing architectural barriers in buildings, such as installing elevators, hoists or even automation interventions. The discount rate will be 75 percent with varying spending ceilings: 50 thousand euros for family buildings, 40 thousand euros (multiplied by the number of apartments) for those from two to eight real estate units, 30 thousand euros per apartment for buildings with more. of eight real estate units.

Mobile Rewards Maximum spend 10 thousand euros

The “Furniture Bonus” is also confirmed for 2022, i.e. a 50 percent discount for the purchase of furniture and large appliances of the first class of at least A + (A or higher for ovens and dryers), intended for furnishing of a private object restructuring, for which the specified discount has already been received . The maximum amount of expenses accepted for accrual will be €10,000 for 2022 (so a maximum of €5,000 can be deducted) while in the following two years the amount will be reduced to €5,000. The so-called “Green Bonus” has also been confirmed until 2024.

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