Eñaut and Custo close out the big fashion week

Eñaut and Custo close out the big fashion week

The 33rd edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion concluded with the attendance of more than 16,000 people (4,000 attendees in the open area of ​​the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau and more than 12,000 enjoying the parades). The last point was in the color of the veteran's display like Cousteau Barcelona.

with love.

The Cannon Beach collection is a proposal born from memory and fueled by nostalgia. Simple styles for men and women, playing with volume, giving special attention to the back and short shorts. Vintage sports uniforms and ballet pieces are the two focal points. The main colors are white and black, accompanied by sober colors such as navy blue and maroon. Fabrics like silk organdy and tulle feature in pieces also made from scraps of leather and old fabrics. Handmade flowers in cold ceramic adorn some dresses and serve as accessories.

studio ja jo o.

Her proposal is unisex and timeless, with adaptable and transformable pieces. Divided into different lines, sharing sizes, shapes and finishes to unify them in color and texture. The first line is pure white, followed by light colors and shades of white and beige, and finally black. They use natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk and bamboo fibre. Materials containing recycled fibres, out-of-stock stills, and upcycling in one of the collection lines.


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The 10th Eñaut group – from Basque Eñaut Barruetabeña – celebrated its passage through 080 with a big party. The show included live music. Pieces where black and silver dominate, classic silhouettes are redefined with volumes and textures through leather and translucent paper. The show ended with the audience standing and dancing to the music.

Barcelona cost.

Designer Custo Dalmau closed the 080 runway with a collection aimed at the woman who wants to convey security and who experiences fashion from an emotional angle. It maintains its essence by showcasing a palette of vibrant colours, where fluores, oranges, pinks and purples stand out, and prints and graphic elements enhance the visual experience. Dresses take center stage along with tracksuits and jackets.

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