Regional Childhood Sponsor Child Vaccination Campaign: “Listening to the Science”

A festive day was held in Qatari tents to mark the opening of the vaccination campaign targeting children from 5 to 11 years old. Elves, clowns and Santa Claus await them with gifts and joy. A group, of volunteers, including the president of Viveredonna Carmen Paradiso and the selected nurses and pediatricians, who, thanks to an impeccable organization, contributed to making the moment of vaccination less traumatic. ” This was confirmed by the Regional Guarantor for Childhood and Adolescence. Vincenzo Giuliano Who added: “We must listen to science, because if it shows us this path we have neither the authority nor the qualifications to challenge it. The Italian Society of Pediatrics (Sip) has done well to answer ten of the most common questions that parents ask for antiviral vaccination in this age group Between 5 and 11 years old.”

The closeness, expressed by the guarantor, for both children and their families because “in a moment like this – explained Giuliano – families must feel supported by institutions. The only way to overcome this epidemic is to adopt all the tools that science gives us.” “I hope – and the guarantor concluded – that on the second day of vaccination for youngsters, which is scheduled for January 2, there will be a greater turnout to give everyone a chance to return to normal life as soon as possible.”

Yesterday, December 20, 4,319 vaccinations were performed with 443,213 residents of Lausanne who received the first dose of the vaccine (80.1 percent) and 410,709 of those who also received the second dose (74.2 percent) and​ ​125,629 (22.7 percent) of those who received the first dose of the vaccine. Third dose for a total of 979,551 out of 553,254 residents (Italian Poste portal data).

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A total of 38 people were hospitalized (17 in San Carlo Hospital in Potenza and 21 in Madonna delle Grazie Hospital in Matera). There are no patients currently in intensive care units.

Also yesterday, 1,988 molecular swabs were processed to look for infection from Covid-19, of which 169 (of the 163 swabs related to residents of Basilicata) were positive. On the same day, 57 cases of recovery were recorded.

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