“Lost Tracks” by Stefano Di Martino: where did it end up? | Check the secret message

“Lost Tracks” by Stefano Di Martino: where did it end up?  |  Check the secret message
Stefano Di Martino – “Source: Mediaset video screenshot” – Belligea.it

Where did Stefano Di Martino go? This is the question his followers often ask themselves, because they have lost track of him. This secret message about him confuses fans even more who don’t really know what to expect.

I lost traces Stefano Di Martino Many wonder where it ended. Followers are worried about the famous broadcaster who is next Secret messageHe was no longer heard, throwing his followers into despair. It is not known exactly what the cause is This is social abandonmentBut those who have always followed him faithfully do not like this change at all.

Maybe so mood The dancer is not the best due to the problems he suffers from Belen RodriguezMaybe that’s why he decided to block himself from the outside world. The truth is that not only fans are wondering where he ended up, but also viewers, because they fear that Di Martino… He might disappear from TV for a while, too. What will be the truth?

Stefano Di Martino, where did you end up?

Steven DiMartino He disappeared from social media, but that does not prevent photographers from trying to find out more details about the well-known broadcaster. It seems that The friendship between him and Antonino Spinalbez He came out of the virtual world. They wouldn’t start “following each other”, but they would Also met abroadspecifically at Stefano’s house, in order to reunite them Santiago and Luna Mariewho are very close.

Moreover, their parents have always declared them to be so After becoming smitten with Belen’s childrenFor this reason, with such closeness between the two, neither of them will ever lose touch with the children, who are innocent victims of adult problems. them in the end They have nothing to do with it Throughout this story.

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Stefano Di Martino publishes his tour dates
Some Stefano Di Martino tour dates – “Source: Instagram” – Belligea.it

Depression or marketing choice?

Where did you go Steven DiMartino? Many followers wonder why they “lost” their favorite host. In reality He never shared anything againIf not the program with his next tour dates, Best tonight! So it is assumed that the host is busy with work, that’s why he is “missing”.

What story it revolves around is not at all clear Belén Rodriguez and Stefano Di Martino However, since then, after the social photos of Belen and Elio LorenzoniNow we thought their breakup was obvious, but their friends instead They think differently. second Alberto Dandolo But the reality is very different: “Those who know Belén and Stefano well confirm that the love between them, although fickle, is not at the end of the line. “Indeed, the more malicious ones prefer a deliberate media strategy aimed at increasing the visibility of both, given that their prices in the television market are falling.”

Only time Thus, it will make us understand whether all this is just a marketing game or whether the two have already separated.

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