The war in Ukraine, a live phone call between the American and Russian chiefs of staff. NATO: “We will support Kyiv as long as necessary”

The war in Ukraine, a live phone call between the American and Russian chiefs of staff.  NATO: “We will support Kyiv as long as necessary”

Kyiv: “Russian attacks on Donetsk continue”

The Russian armed forces have Intensification their attacks on her Donetsk Using warplanes, artillery and mortars. This was reported by the armed forces of Kyiv in the latest evening bulletin, explaining that the main target of the Russian forces is towards Donetsk where offensive operations have been launched. The bulletin continues, “The Russian forces are frustrated, incurring heavy losses, and some personnel do not receive the payments they were promised.”

Defense Minister G. BP: “Turkey’s fears will go away”

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace He told Parliament today United kingdom To be convinced that there is a way appease .’s interests turkey to join Sweden And Finland In the Boy. write it on guardian. The two Scandinavian countries made a formal application on Wednesday to join NATO, but Turkey opposed it, accusing them of supporting groups it believes are terrorists. “I think there is a way out. I think we will get there eventually and it is very important to listen to all members and their concerns in the process and we will definitely listen to Turkey,” Wallace told Parliament, adding that he would soon speak to his Turkish counterpart.

Biden: “100 million new packages for Kiev”

Management Biden Advertise another bundle of 100 million dollars for safetyUkraine. Biden said in a statement that the additional security assistance “will provide artillery, radar and other equipment to Ukraine, which it is already actively using on the battlefield.” “these arms And equipment They will go straight to first line For the freedom of Ukraine. We reiterate our strong support for the courageous Ukrainian people as they defend their country against continued Russian aggression.”

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Palamar (Azov): “I’m still inside Azovstal”

Today (May 19) is the eighty-fifth day of the war. My command and I are on the factory grounds Azovstal. There is an ongoing process, the details of which will not be announced. Thanks to the world, thanks to Ukraine. I will see you.” And so in a short video message posted tonight Ukrainska Pravda, Deputy Commander and Spokesman of the Azov Regiment, Svyatoslav “Kalina” PalamarWhich Russian media reported that she surrendered last night, leaving the Mariupol Steel Plant.

One of the leaders of Azov: “The war is not over”

“there war The war is not over Widely he is just started. You will have to become leaders and take control or run away and then incur greater losses.” The major wrote in an Instagram post Bohdan KrutjevicChief of Staff of the regiment Azovamong the Ukrainian fighters still inside the steel plant Azovstal from Mariupol. Russia, like the United States, is accustomed to fighting against much weaker countries, and every problem was solved with intense artillery bombardment or air strikes. We are weaker in military capabilitiesBut the enemy’s self-confidence is our trump card.”

NATO: “Assistance in Kyiv as long as it is needed”

“L”Ukraine will never acceptOccupation from Russia and Boy I will give it to him the support As long as it is necessary.” The Admiral said so Rob PowerChairman of the Military Committee of NATO at the conclusion of the summit of the Chiefs of Staff of the Alliance. The commander of the Ukrainian army also participated in the summit. “There are many lessons to be learned from the war in Ukraine, for example the importance of troop morale,” he added. Ukrainians are fighting to defend their country. And those in NATO know what they are fighting for: protection Freedom Democracy is our way of life.

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US Senate approves $40 billion in aid

The Senate American approves the package from 40 billion dollars Military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. With the green light, the scale lands on the boss’s table Joe Biden to sign. This measure was approved by 85 votes to 11 against.

The Pentagon confirms a conversation between the leaders of the US military and Russia

The pentagonal confirmed the phone interview Between the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Millie and its Russian counterpart, Valerie Gerasimov. This is the first conversation between the two since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

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