Light and gas in the viewfinder. Italians under ‘attack’, these are the modalities

Light and gas in the viewfinder.  Italians under ‘attack’, these are the modalities

Many Italians are affected by the new bill scam. Learn how to spot it and not fall into a state of not being prepared.

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In recent months, Italy has seen and tested the terrible effects of Dear Billswhich is a cost increase in Electricity and gas bill Bring a significant portion of the population to their knees.

Many people, in fact, due to the rising costs of electricity and gas, barely make it to the end of the month, and find themselves forced to make cuts in other redundant or at least minor expenses.

As if that wasn’t enough, some scammers have taken advantage of the desperation caused by this situation by putting together a so-called “Bill deceive”. A scam that met with great success for the architects of this outrageous act, since research at a lower cost to a large part of the Italian population.

So let’s see what it is in detail, so that we can identify and circumvent the scam, so as not to fall into the trap of these scammers.

What is an invoice scam and how does it work

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Electricity and gas – Image from Pinterest

It is located around a Forgery regarding Electricity and gas bills. Generally the procedure is the following. It starts by contacting him by questionable operator or operator Our Energy Manager.

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This modern trader starts with a technical term, explaining his knowledge of a topic systems, albeit in a very vague way. After that, the phone call begins to focus on a file imminent increase From the cost in the bill, which frightens the user, who is already exhausted due to the high costs of this period.

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Given the victim’s justified fears, this fake operator suggests redemption: a government help This allows you to reduce the price of your bill.

Then the victim in most cases asks for more information about her, since she is likely to spend less. Then the fraudster clarifies the main points of the solution and presents it to him Signing a contract To accept government assistance, which in fact consists in signing a contract with a new operator.

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The crook, in fact, is a real dealer but from a Another power manager. Therefore, a miserable person, who thinks of spending less, will find himself tied to another energy manager, who may spend equally if not more.

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