Nurses complain of being deprived of leave due to overcrowding

Nurses complain of being deprived of leave due to overcrowding

Nurses complain of being deprived of leave due to overcrowdingSIETESS

The Satsi union denounced this A serious crisis in the nursing staff In downtown Siscat. After conducting a survey of professionals over the Christmas holiday, the union noted that the results show this Centers operate “below the minimum” Staff are not reinforced at times when care stress is more than expected. According to Satsidepartments denied vacation days and “burdened” their employees.

Of the centers surveyed, 85% experienced an increase in workload, and 82% reported coping with it through staff shortages. Respiratory infections affected the shortage of staff due to sick leave (30%) and the increase in patients (26%). 20% also highlighted staff furloughs as a reason for increased care pressure.

Satsi stressed that the reasons for the increase in work are “predictable” and that they “recur year after year.” In his opinion, departments “take advantage of nurses’ professionalism, deprive them of rest days and avoid investing in hiring reinforcements.”

Technicians protest in Girona

On the other hand, nurses and health technicians They are still on strike indefinitely. Specifically, there was one yesterday A manifestation of Girona's techniciansOrganized by the State Union of Higher Health Technicians and the Union of Nursing Technicians.

The technicians condemn the unequal treatment with other professionals and demand that the Ministry of Health resolve the labor and economic inequality they suffer from. In this sense, they demand that the Framework Convention be amended in order to be professionally recognized.

Throughout this week, they have held demonstrations in different parts of Catalonia.

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