The Equity and Reconciliation Commission may have paid more than 50,000 euros in exchange for the silence of the young people who posted the posters.

The Equity and Reconciliation Commission may have paid more than 50,000 euros in exchange for the silence of the young people who posted the posters.

to’ERC’s dirty political game scandalWhich cost the former vice chancellor his position so far. Sergey Sabriadisplays the latest news. As published Vanguard, The party paid 50,000 euros for the silence of the three young men who hung the posters of the Margal brothers. Downtown Barcelona before the 28th elections. The money was divided into ten counterfeit banknotes, which a young man collected and distributed to others.

During the operation, security cameras captured the three young men, residents of Igualada, but their identities were not revealed. However, the newspaper identifies them as neighbors: Gerard F.C., Bao Ja I Gerard Og The first, according to the investigations of the obsessive, was responsible for involving the other two in the conspiracy after receiving the mission. Victor L., is also a resident of Igualada and is linked to the Equity and Reconciliation Commission of Jorba and Adina.

To put up the posters, Gerard FC received €400 and an iPhone 13 – which he used to contact Víctor LG via the KeyBase app – while the other two young men received €300 each. When the scandal broke and the photo of the three young men was published – and the police were investigating the case after Ernest Maragall complained – the party paid them €3,000 to keep quiet.

According to the newspaper, Victor LG ordered Gerard FC to register as a self-employed person, which allowed the young man to submit fake invoices – to Relevance Marketing, a company linked to ERC – in order to split the €50,000. Some of the money he later shared with his colleagues. In total, ERC may have paid out around €54,000.

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In the statements before the Mossos family – accused of committing a hate crime – the young people presented themselves to lawyer Esther Palmes, who admitted that they had received money from the Equity and Reconciliation Commission. None of them wanted to give names, but Pau JA finally admitted that “one of the leaders of the ERC” had ordered the posters to be placed.

Despite the lack of any other references, the Mossos family, after tracing the purchase of Gerard FC’s iPhone 13, reached Víctor LG, who acted as an intermediary for the party. He admitted before the judge that he had purchased the device and given it away, but he also did not want to give further details or names related to the conspiracy.

According to La Vanguardia, the investigation, which was presented last month, did not identify any of the party’s top officials. However, this week,We buy He pointed out that the ERC has a parallel structure, known as “la B”, to wage a dirty war with the participation of Serge Sabria, the party’s former communications director Tolo Moya and Deputy Minister of Communications and Strategy Marc Colomer.

Since then, the party has been trying to pin the full blame for the scandal on Tolo Moya, who has yet to make any public statements but has threatened to destroy evidence showing who orchestrated the plot and who knew about it.

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