Indian ginger has flooded the European Union, Russian and US markets at competitive prices

Indian ginger has flooded the European Union, Russian and US markets at competitive prices

The Indian ginger season started about ten days ago and the demand is already good. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, demand has gradually increased. One exporter said that current prices are very competitive and Indian ginger is of better quality than Chinese competitors.

At the beginning of the Indian ginger season, Legaraj, business manager, Greenland Fresco, an Indian ginger exporter, said: “The Indian season begins in mid – October and lasts until April or May. India is the largest producer. India produces twice as much as China, and our product quality is high and demand is high.Fast prices for Indian ginger both domestically and internationally.

According to Legaraj, the epidemic has had a global impact on the demand for ginger. “New products are mainly consumed in the domestic market. 10-15% of the harvest is converted into dried ginger, most of which is exported to different countries. , Russia and European countries are seeing a sharp increase in consumption and good quality Indian products are invading these markets at very competitive prices.

Greenland Fresco sees strong potential in European, Russian and North American markets, explains Legaraj: “Most of Indian ginger is exported to Asian and African countries. Major importers from India are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt. In addition to these countries, sufficient exports are made to the United States, Russia, and European markets. Since Indian Ginger has all the qualities to capture these markets, with the commitment to improve controls across the supply chain, there is potential for tremendous short-term growth in export volumes for these regions.

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Legaraj says prices are now very competitive as production has continued to increase over the past few years. “Indian ginger production has increased compared to last season and has seen rapid growth in the last five years. The weather is favorable this season, so expect good quantities. In this campaign, large quantities have significantly increased prices. Benefit over other competitors in international markets such as China, Brazil and Thailand.” .

“Greenland Fresco Exports is headquartered in Karnataka, India’s Ginger Production Area. We have started receiving orders in various packaging formats and standards from African and European countries, ”concludes Lekaraj.

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