It’s official: paid WhatsApp access

It’s official: paid WhatsApp access

It’s been in the air for a long time, and it was already anticipated by the usual indiscretion of an always-informed blogger WABetaInfoAnd now it’s official too: WhatsApp for a feeproperlyWhatsApp Premium“It is a fact. The news was announced before Mark Zuckerberg In person, during the Meta Talks event.

But WhatsApp Premium is not only official: it is all over the world, complete with posts on various national WhatsApp blogs, including the WhatsApp Italy blog. This means that the paid version of the most popular and most used chatting app in the world is about to hit everywhere, and even soon, there won’t be much to wait for. But we identify it immediately as also expected from the rumors that WhatsApp Premium will be the paid version of WhatsApp for BusinessIt is not a home application. And we also specify that, businesses will be able to continue to use WhatsApp Business Even without payingbut give up some advanced features.

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WhatsApp Premium: What is changing

Currently, the WhatsApp Premium News Already announced two. One is very important, the other a little less. The most important one, as it is known, is WhatsApp.multi device“Paying companies will have the ability to manage conversations max 10 devicesTo better distribute the flow of messages“.

The second novelty, however, is the new Customizable linksClick to chatFrom WhatsApp, which will help businesses attract more customers online.

To this paid news, other news is added for all companies that have a WhatsApp Business profile, even those that do not pay. Especially the new API (Application Programming Interface) Cloud based.

Practically speaking, companies can now configure their WhatsApp Business profile in a simpler and faster way and be online in a few minutes as it allows to upload their activities Product Statementwhich will then be sold via WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Premium: How to activate it and how much it costs

Alt, stop: WhatsApp Premium is official worldwide, but it can’t be activated and used yet. WhatsApp announced it with great fanfare, it’s true, but the details are there Costs And on the modalities Subscription (monthly and/or yearly, presumably) not yet known. WhatsApp clarifies that the new functions “Part of a new premium service from WhatsApp Business, in which we will share more details in the future“.

Is WhatsApp Premium good news?

noWhatsApp Premium Not good news For most users. Especially for those who have been waiting for the opportunity to use WhatsApp on multiple phones.

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It is this functionality, of course, that will attract more companies to WhatsApp Premium, and therefore it will not be released soon even for private users. On the other hand, those who do not have a company have the possibility to contact Up to four devicesit can only be one phone.

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