The “atomic” threat from the US and Europe: halting purchases of Russian gas and crude oil

The “atomic” threat from the US and Europe: halting purchases of Russian gas and crude oil

The United States and NATO continue to send weapons to Ukraine. But yesterday’s conversations, as they are, left Zelensky’s appetite devoid of substance. The no-fly zone over Ukraine is still excluded from Westerners, and the no-fly zone arrives from Brussels at the opening of a preferential corridor for Kyiv’s entry into the European Union. Meanwhile, on the field “the situation is getting worse day by day, and today it is more worrying,” Emmanuel Macron reveals, extracting the summary of his phone conversation with Vladimir Putin, again yesterday.

The French president defines the Kaiser as a “cynical being,” explaining that humanitarian corridors were not agreed upon on the terms set by Moscow. A catastrophe that we are trying to remedy everywhere possible, especially in the face of estimated leaks by the High Representative of the European Union’s foreign policy, Josep Borrell. “It could reach 5 million.”

Refugees are increasing: 1,650,000 have already fled Ukraine so far. And neighboring Moldova, which has a population of two million and 600,000 people, is sounding the alarm in turn: “Here, out of 8 children, one is now a refugee, the European Union must create corridors to allow refugees to leave the country,” Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita appealed to CNN We are within our power. Borrell pledges to finance Chisinau and Romania.

The unsolved crossword puzzle is the agreement to tighten sanctions in Moscow. “The priority is protecting civilians,” is the new slogan to avoid friction that was sealed yesterday in a four-way video conference featuring Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Olaf Schulz and Macron himself. Of course, European Commission President von der Leyen has promised more sanctions after launching the three packages so far. The White House said the Quartet agreed on the need to “continue to raise costs for Russia.” But we do not go beyond the state of alert, because the German Chancellor and the Netherlands stress the importance of energy imports from Russia to supply Europe. No to the hard line demanded by London on gas.

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Berlin is 55% dependent on Moscow for gas, 50% for coal, and 35% for oil. Too much, although yesterday, the European revolutionary plan aimed at reducing dependence on Russia by 80% was outlined. Perhaps the decisive first step already this year will be presented today to the European Union Commission. The goal, for the Sherpas, will be achieved thanks to more imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG), alternative pipelines for the Russians and renewable energy sources. From Norway, for example, which has made itself available. To solve the storage node and the price cap.

Meanwhile, the London Gold Market prevents imports from Russia; France’s TotalEnergies no longer buys oil from Moscow, which now fears a US and EU embargo: “disastrous consequences.” Bipartisan pressure also from politicians in the House and Senate in Washington to remove Russia from the World Trade Organization and stop Belarus’ accession. The line is the bear harness.

Pogo tries to shout his hostility to the Moscow regime louder, but at home the PKK accuses him of sympathizing with the oligarchy. However, he does very little about refugees: visas issued with a dropper and funny entrances. Fewer than 100 people were welcomed in compared to the tens of thousands who had already been eliminated by Germany.

European Council President Charles Michel listens to both Putin and Zelensky. The European Union is still dancing on diplomacy. The Pirouettes are looking for new interlocutors, also from Borrell, to the east. “I asked China to exercise its influence” for a “ceasefire” in Ukraine, the High Representative explains: realizing that Beijing “cannot mediate due to its position closer to Russia.” The dragon, however, can wield an “influence”. Today Macron will also try: to make a phone call to Xi Jinping. Then Anthony Blinken arrives in Paris. Woe to separate thorn please. Attempts are also continuing from Israel. We need a kaleidoscope. Meanwhile, Denmark announces a referendum to join EU defense, while the US Department of Defense is ordering another 500 soldiers to be sent to Europe.

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