The story and any show: Revealing what Valeria Marini does behind the scenes: ‘There is a problem’

The story and any show: Revealing what Valeria Marini does behind the scenes: ‘There is a problem’

Two contestants from Tale and Quali Show told what Valeria Marini does behind the scenes of the show.

While broadcasting live on Facebook, Rosalinda Cannavò and Gilles Rocca revealed some background information on the Tale and Quali Show, especially About Valeria Marini. Both painted her as a great professional.

Tale and which Show, Canavu and Rocca: “We only hear Marini’s songs. Always try”

On the official Facebook page of the Tale and Quali Show, two of the contenders for this year’s edition, Jill Roca and Rosalinda CanavuAnd the They answered some questions from fans. One of those concerned Their companion in adventurestar Valeria Marini. A friend of Andrea Zinga said:

working hard And his songs hit you in the head in an unbelievable way, Also try while applying makeupAnd the never stops.

However, the former winner of Dancing With the Stars said:

We only have one problemwe We only hear Marinette’s songs. She has this characteristic that she always tries, in fact she is a great professional.

And again, Canavu on the marini:

What I like the most is that sings constantlyEspecially during the makeup stage. to meEventually we find ourselves singing his songs and forgetting ours. This is the funny part.

The actress then spoke about this new TV experience:

truly harshAnd the Difficultbut magicAnd the adrenaline.

On the other hand, Roca admitted:

In fact I’m not afraid of anyoneEveryone makes their own way. T.I can tell you which one is absolutely better on the vocal level: Antonino Spadachino. But in my opinion, he will also have to deal with completely different pieces perhaps from his tones, and thus from his voice For me they are all very good.

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