Flag winds in Bergamo

Flag winds in Bergamo

The curtain falls on the twentieth edition of BergamoScienza, but the commitment to promoting the festival continues with the exhibition winds of science. How science is changing. and we are with her. at the Bergamo Science Center until December 23 (www.bergamoscienza.it).

Divided into four holistic areas – space and evolution, neuroscience and health, environment and energy, science and the arts – the exhibition is a journey through the scientific discoveries narrated by Bergamussenza in recent years. Interactive installations and exhibits allow you to shop on supermarket shelves and understand how much water we consume and how much carbon dioxide we produce; You can enjoy the training spacesuit of the Apollo astronauts and the prototype of the future human suits to Mars; You can take part in a quiz on the topics covered by the festival in previous editions. In the Space and Evolution section, you can even see the first possible Bergamo meteorite, found in 2020 by a young Seriate on the slopes of Monte Costone.

“Anyone who visits the gallery will be able to see that art and science are much more connected than one might think.” – says Alessandro Betonaghli, curator – using technologies to support artistic expression, and scientific research themes as an excuse to create new artistic languages ​​and mathematical art to support musical compositions. Create synergies between Art and science are beauty throughout our history. This and much more can be found in the exhibition: it is not science that makes a show but a show of science.”

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