Albert Rivera’s breakthrough podcast that took the networks by storm, ‘Delusions of Grandeur’

Albert Rivera’s breakthrough podcast that took the networks by storm, ‘Delusions of Grandeur’

Albert Rivera He is back, breaking the dynamics of recent times, not because of the issue of his love and grief, his unbridled passion or the rejection caused by some previous partners. The Catalan lawyer, professor and former politician has just made his debut in the fashion world PodcastsThe universe, as it has been proven, works to place a microphone on the first person who passes in front of you. As with all media, some of it pays off; Too many, no. That is, of course, as long as you’re not a very specific viewer, who finds the humor beneath the gray stone. So yes, this podcast is for you. And Rivera Builder and contractor of Ciudadanos.

The program in question is presented by a person with a liberal and neoliberal bent like Alberto Carlos, where he talks about economics, politics, business, entrepreneurship, education and success. toReform Spain. In other words, Albert, always according to his view of history. This is what made him head of the master’s studies in leadership, where he established it Partners in crime Of Congress Certainly one of the course classes will interview Rivera as teaching material, I have no doubt. Hey Complacency What a concept itself. What a bar

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to A businessman like me“, begins the video that is sweeping social networks, as a practical example of delusions of grandeur. I became convinced that the Spain I dreamed of would not be possible.. Well, you wasted more than 50 deputies because of your personal desires, and in the re-election the People’s Party and the Vox Party swallowed you up. The Granollers’ paranoia reaches extremes in boasting Contact with Obama. In case they did not know it, the Americans devoted entire nights in the Oval Office and on the presidential plane to studying the life and miracles of this phenomenon that was stripped by the Union of Spain and Catalonia. “He knew my entire resume. I knew what Ciudadanos was, the ideology, the project. everyone”. Then he quotes Stephen Hawking and the victim: He wanted to change things, but the polls were harsh. There is no self-criticism. And the final end: defense Let the millionaires leave Spain to tax havens, because “The productive class is a minorityAnother wristband patriot will spoil the field when the time comes. Rivera style.

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Social media is written in capital lettersand is clearly proportional to the level of Rivera’s messianic claims, which are far from reality. They hacked it, Is it like this? As a comedy number, we always appreciate them coming back. As a symptom of the political thinking that surrounds us, it is surprising to know that his speech is now reserved only for podcasts and YouTubers. Far from parliament, far from institutions. Also from Catalonia and Catalan. bye bye.

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