Eight-thirty, “Woman of the Regime.” Even Flores marries Meloni’s criticism – Il Tempo

Eight-thirty, “Woman of the Regime.”  Even Flores marries Meloni’s criticism – Il Tempo

Francesco Forgione

For the government, as Giorgia Meloni said, the maneuver will constitute a real “challenge” due to the lack of resources available to implement it. The topic is very sensitive and is covered in the LA7 program “Otto e mezzo” hosted by Lily Gruber. Journalist Giovanni Flores, guest of the September 11 talk show, comments on the Meloni government’s work and maneuvering. “The government arrives at the maneuver short of breath and frustrated, the government that promised to change everything,” Flores begins. Specifically, the promises included: “Change the relationship with Europe, reduce taxes, increase pensions, and stop the flow of immigrants.”

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According to Flores, promises are difficult to fulfill given the limited resources available for maneuvering: “It will be the usual maneuvering, with the burden of the situation that someone else would have shouldered on his shoulders.” Regarding Giorgia Meloni, the Romanian journalist highlights the following: “She was elected unexpectedly, as an outsider, as an underdog, but she behaves like a woman of the system. He tries to reassure everyone, but his people boil and hear his voice, and relatives flock to key positions. She seems to be taking a small approach to big problems, especially in the whole world around her.” Regarding the maneuver, Flores is concerned: “There is not much to joke about about the maneuver, there is little money. And now all the government’s promises are gone, Even tax reform and flat tax.” Giovanni Flores concludes by saying that the Meloni government is now focused on fighting the “enemies” of the majority: “The government says beware of Paolo Gentiloni who conspires with bad Europe and of the movements of Giuseppe Conte, who bears responsibility for the current situation because of the Superbonus. This whole reality has been known for “At least, and Superbonus had to be attacked during the election campaign. The ugly truth is always there. They ended the circle of words and began the circle of resentment.”

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