Chaos star Lior Raz saves lives amid bombings in Israel

Chaos star Lior Raz saves lives amid bombings in Israel

The actor himself appears in a video shared on his Instagram profile.

Lior Razan Israeli actor and screenwriter known for his participation in the popular TV series Netflix runnerHe posted a video clip on his personal page Instagram In which he is shown hiding from missiles during a rescue mission in the Israeli city of Sderot, which was bombed by Hamas in recent hours as part of the renewed conflict between the Palestinian Islamist terror group and Israel.

The War in Israel: The Testimony of Lior Raz

Also seen in Crowded room And Hit and run And in the movie 6 undergroundLior Raz writes that he traveled to the country’s devastated south to join “hundreds of brave volunteer ‘brothers in arms'” working to help the local population. The actor, tasked with bringing in two families, is shown taking cover from Hamas rockets that are first seen flying above his head and then heard exploding a short distance away. It is currently unclear whether the mission was successful.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan reported that about 150 Israelis were taken hostage by Hamas-backed militants and that more than a thousand were killed, most of them slaughtered in their homes and at a music festival in the desert on the border with Gaza. The Israeli response was equally widespread and violent, and according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, some 830 Palestinians were killed under Israeli bombardment.

runnera political thriller created by Raz himself Avi Issakharov, is based on their experiences in the IDF and tells the story of Israeli secret agent Doron Cavellio (Raz) and his team. Over the seasons, we’ve seen Doron pursue a ruthless Hamas terrorist known as Al-Nimr, an Islamic State fighter who set up an ISIS cell in the occupied territories, the son of a former Hamas leader who kidnapped two young Israelis and took them to Gaza and the kidnappers who handed his boss over to Hezbollah. In Lebanon. The series was recently renewed for a fifth episode by the Israeli network Yes Oh.

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