Jeep at the Paris Motor Show with the 100% electric Avenger SUV!

Jeep at the Paris Motor Show with the 100% electric Avenger SUV!

Jeep will be one of the protagonists of the upcoming Paris Motor Show, thanks to the presentation of an exclusive novelty: the Avenger, the brand’s first 100% electric SUV.

pocket Getting ready for the next day Motorbike Show scheduled in Paris from October 17 next; Sharing certainly will not go unnoticed. In fact, the American brand, the world leader in the production of “big cars”, will unveil its latest products at the Parisian event; An exclusive novelty looking to the future sustainable mobility. So here it is jeep avengerthe first 100% electric SUV company.

2022 edition ofMondial de l’Auto‘, scheduled from next Monday through Sunday 23 October, will be an event featuring a common theme, like a thread, that connects most car companies on a global scale. Their products are on display at French capitalIn fact, from cars to motorcycles, from concepts to reinterpretations of models already on the market, all (or almost) will all (or almost) share the characteristic of equipping Clean, environmental and sustainable engine. In short, the main protagonist of Paris will be the electrician! And Jeep wants to steal the scene with her novelty. here then The Avenger

The Avenger, the first 100% electric Jeep

Starting Monday, October 17th, Jeep will be removing the veil (those few remaining) that still hides its innovative Avenger, the entire 4×4 SUV.”Green colorAnd the American company wants to do big things. In fact, the pavilion that will host the brand’s sustainable four-wheeler novelty will have a “rustic”, semi-rural look, we dare say; made up of rocks and an exterior design that only enhances the car’s great off-road qualities. A dynamic, natural and suggestive “environmental” aesthetic The place to introduce the Jeep Avenger to the entire world, including the media and the general public.

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We still don’t know much about this new car near its official presentation. The electric motor you serve, according to what has already been reported, should be able to serve Autonomy 400 km; An exciting and promising fact is that the Jeep brand is geared more towards the future of mobility. Also, this Avengers full electric It will be equipped with a modern and technologically advanced interior design, with plenty of space on board, for passengers and baggage. In short, a classic SUV with revolutionary features.

“New Jeep Avenger – Said it Christian MeunierJeep Brand CEO – is the first of the completely refurbished new BEV Jeep range to be introduced in Europe. It offers all the exemplary characteristics of the Jeep brand, is perfectly market-calibrated, and during its presentation at the ‘Mondial de l’Auto’ in Paris, we will show all players in the sector why it is an exceptional all-electric option from the Jeep brand. Avenger is a true pillar of our growth plans in leading European markets, including France, and is on the path to becoming the world’s leading SUV brand. Zero emissions“.

Therefore, the company seems to be betting a lot on this latest product; that will become part of one European electrified range Which includes the 4xe Plug-In Hybrid versions of Jeep Wrangler, Compass and Renegade. Let’s find out more details…

Freedom is sustainable

The Avenger, according to the same manufacturer, “Freedom focus“Traditional, elegant and practical. A vehicle that respects Jeep’s principles of habitability, comfort and high performance; in symbiosis with an ecological and clean ethos. Indeed, this new model will provide its customers with a driving experience in Zero carbon dioxide emissions And the Great offers. Another element that best characterizes the car is its suited nature to face long journeys, thanks to its naturalness fast charging And the great independence they enjoy. The perfect companion for off-road adventures but also for urban travel; Double soul in a four-wheel drive.

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Avenger represents an important step for the historical American brand, which intends to reach its own position full electrification By developing a range of fully electric and efficient vehicles targeting the European market. Jeep announced that it intends to introduce zero-emission vehicles to the Old Continent by 2025; “Care” this environmental penetration With offerings in key size segments, including the Jeep Recon and Wagoneer “S”, two completely revamped electric vehicles will compete in the global mid-size SUV segment. As a result of the huge demand for products in this segment, all Jeeps for sale in Europe will be 100% electric by 2030.

For the media and the public, it will be possible to follow the official presentation of the Jeep Avenger, at 2 pm on October 17, on the official YouTube channel “Jeep Europe”; A press conference was held by Christian Meunier, CEO of the Jeep brand, at the end of which reservations will be opened for the launch edition of the new BEV.

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