The PP's amendment against the amnesty law inflamed the Spanish press, which seemed to encourage Vigo

The PP's amendment against the amnesty law inflamed the Spanish press, which seemed to encourage Vigo

The amendment to the entirety of what the Attorney General recorded this Wednesday afternoon against the Amnesty Law proposes the creation of crimes “Constitutional betrayal“Punishing authorities and public officials who promote disobedience to laws or non-compliance with court rulings “seeking to harm the unity of Spain,” said the spokesman for the People’s Party in Congress, Miguel Tellado. The text calls for the criminalization of declarations of independence and illegal referendums or consultations, and encourages the dissolution of organizations or legal entities that commit any of these crimes. the world title: “Feijóo will demand the dissolution of Junts and ERC if they set up another 1-O.” The publication indicates that Genoa (the headquarters of the People's Party in Madrid) is trying to win the support of the Vox party “with more brutality in the face of the emptying of the rule of law.” Today's picture is, just another day, of the conflict between Iran and Hamas: At least 103 people were killed and more than 180 wounded in Kerman, Iran, in a double explosion while honoring General Qasem Soleimani. The explosions occurred on Wednesday at a ceremony held to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the killing of Soleimani, who was killed by an American drone strike in 2020.

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Country He also opens the edition with the deadly attack in Iran, describing it as the “worst attack” the country has ever suffered. When only a few hours had passed since the explosions, local authorities were already indicating that a terrorist attack had occurred. The Deputy Governor of Kerman and the Iranian Ministry of Interior linked the bombings to a terrorist act. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the alleged attack. According to the Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency, the first explosion occurred near Soleimani's grave and the second occurred a few kilometers after it.

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“The People's Party proposes to dissolve parties that promote illegal referendums,” newspaper headlinesABC The day after the amendment to the amnesty law was submitted to the Attorney General. The amendment will be debated next Wednesday in the plenary session of Congress — which will be held in the Senate due to work in the House — along with the rest of the vetoes that Vox and UPN may raise. As expected, it will be rejected by a majority of 178 votes against (PSOE, Sumar, ERC, Junts, Bildu, PNB and BNG), the same votes that supported the treatment of the law. The PP takes this defeat for granted, but according to the PP's official spokesman, this is “not the end of the process”, but “the starting point of a political, social and legal activity” for the PP to “re-arm the state” and “stop and reverse the damage it is inflicting”. The pro-independence parties and the country's Socialist Workers' Party.


“The People’s Party seeks to rearm the state by reforming the penal code,” he says. the reason Which confirms that this raises the prison sentences to ten years for the “Declaration of Independence.” The new chapter on “betrayal of the constitution,” which the People’s Party wants to introduce into the penal code, proposes punishing public authorities or officials, as well as representatives, senators or members of the independent parliament, with prison sentences ranging from five to ten years with absolute disqualification. That “outside the legal channels of constitutional reform, through disobedience to laws or non-compliance with judicial decisions” and “in clear violation of the principles of the unity and indivisibility of the Spanish nation, declare the independence of a part of the national territory or its incorporation into another state, or carry out actions aimed at promulgating this Advertising or facilitating it.

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It is reported that “irregular migration has increased by 82%.” Vanguard This shows that the Canary Route recorded an increase of 154% last year, with 39,910 people arriving from Senegal to the archipelago. The newspaper also regrets the attack in Iran that left more than 100 dead after thousands of people gathered in the city to honor Soleimani, one of the victims of a drone attack carried out by the United States. On December 6, an Iranian court ordered the United States government and other institutions and individuals in the American state to pay about $50 billion (more than 46 billion euros) for the killing of Soleimani, after issuing dozens of arrest warrants against high-ranking American officials. Officials, including former President Donald Trump.


Newspaper The day begins with an economic key and celebrates that “Spain achieves a record 20.8 million employees.” The number of Social Security members reached its new annual maximum in 2023 with 20.83 million subscribers, which means obtaining 539,740 employees. This is the second largest annual increase since 2018, when the system added 564,000 workers, as reported on Wednesday by the Ministry of Integration, Social Security and Migration. The newspaper also bid farewell to comedian Paco Arevalo, who died at the age of 76 at his home. Although he was born in Madrid, Arévalo grew up in Catarroga and has been associated all his life with the world of comedy, in particular highlighting his role in the TVE program “Un, dos, tres”, and subsequently appearing in various guises.

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The point today It's a little scary to highlight what Dr. Anthony Trella said on Wednesday, when he once again recommended occasional mask use in the face of the health stress of the past few days. Epidemiologist Anthony Trella, professor of medicine at the University of Barcelona and head of preventive medicine at Hospital Clinic, recommends wearing a mask on public transportation or in closed spaces where there are a large number of people, especially those at risk. And also for family gatherings in the run-up to Epiphany: “If someone is sick, have grandma or someone at risk wear a mask and limit contact time, so they are not too busy giving gifts,” he points out.

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And finally to'We buy He also confirms the amendment to the amnesty law presented by the People's Party, but prefers to devote the picture to a more cheerful subject, which is the procession of the Magi. This year, the Barcelona Kings Parade will launch two carriages, the Carriage of King Gaspard and Balthasar, each inspired by the landscape of their native land. The Gaspard vehicle will bring a band including several camel statues, and the Balthazar vehicle will flow into the African landscape and will be accompanied by live rhythms. Their entourages will also wear new uniforms and banners. The other important news is that the Royal Pages will precede Their Majesties to collect the cards on the fifth day between 12 and 1 pm in the Espigó del Gas.

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