Criticism leads to the removal of a controversial billboard about breast augmentation in Madrid

Another summer changes the landscape of the beaches“This is the advertising message that Clínicas Dorsia – a company specializing in plastic surgery – has embodied on a large billboard in central Madrid, alongside a photo of a model showing off her cleavage.

The ad was posted a few days ago on the facade of a building and caused a sensation on the networks. Controversy has erupted since the nonprofit Teta & Teta began A popular campaign to demand its withdrawal And he finally succeeded.

This entity, which fights to “stop the sexualization of breasts, or rather appearance,” described the campaign as “shameful” and compared the advertising message to “beaches full of gossip” and with The emergence of eating disorders.

The clinic is going backwards

After the controversy surrounding the group of clinics He agreed to withdraw the letter “Immediately”. He also publicly apologized to anyone who might have been offended, and suggested that uttering the slogan “may have offended sensibilities.”

“We stand for free beauty. Our goal as a company is for our patients to look in the mirror, love what they see, and regain confidence in themselves and their bodies. (…) Aesthetics in medicine and surgery don’t just change bodies, they change lives.”

The entity that led the campaign against the advertisement asked its followers to report the situation to the Ministry of Equality, the Madrid City Council or the Women’s Institute. He also urged a complaint to be lodged with Autocontrol, the association that regulates business communications.

A torrent of criticism: “We are tired of being objectified.”

Other organizations joined the criticism and called for its withdrawal. Más Mujeres Creatives, which advocates for gender equality in the creative industry, has claimed fatigue caused by the “objectification” of women and messages that “They reinforce stereotypes that put health at risk“.

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In recent years, the average age of access to plastic surgery has increased Decreased from 35 to 20 years. There are more and more young people, especially girls, who choose to go to the operating room because there is a part of their body that they do not like.

Plastic surgery interventions are increasing significantly

Seconds A report published by the Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeryin Spain every year 80,000 women undergo breast augmentation surgery60% of them are over 30 years old. More and more people are deciding to undergo breast reduction surgery.

The same study shows that the total number of plastic surgery interventions in Spain reached 204.510 Laney 2021an increase of 215% from the previous study conducted in 2013.

85% of cosmetic surgeries performed in the state are done by women and the remaining 15% by men.

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