Luke Salillas: “People shouldn’t think that Font de la Polvora is the Bronx”

Luke Salillas: “People shouldn’t think that Font de la Polvora is the Bronx”

Photos of the deadly shooting in the Fonte de la Polvora neighborhoodAnuel Resclusa


tomayor of Girona, Luke SalellasUrges Interior Minister To explain why There are “Kalashnikov rifles in the cities.” afterDeadly shooting In Font de la Polvora.

Namely, the main suspect, an arms dealer, with a police record of fifteen years and known to the police, had this in his home and used it during the San Juan night. About a neighborhood Gunpowder fountain“People shouldn’t think this is it,” Fight stresses Bronx But what is required is comprehensive intervention.”

In an interview with El món a RAC1, Salillas focused a lot on the use of Submachine gun In the Font de la Pólvora crime, he asked, “Who allows it and who supports it? How can state security forces not behave well in the face of a phenomenon such as arms trafficking?” He pointed directly at the state government, saying that “besides people like the alleged killer, who have completely reprehensible attitudes, there is the Minister of the Interior and a person with very great powers in the state who must explain why there are weapons like these in the state.” Our cities,” asked the mayor.

Regarding the neighborhood, he stated that it is not a “particularly contested” neighborhood, but noted that there are “a lot of… Fragility and poverty“And that at some points “criminality is committed.” “But there are other neighborhoods in Catalonia where this also happens, and I want to make it clear that the incident that happened It is neither normal nor usual“He answered.

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He also said the neighborhood must address the situation “structurally” and that happens through actions Security, housing, social and urban planning. That is why he said that the City Council should not and cannot do this alone, but rather all institutions must participate.

Finally, he emphasized that The night was quiet In the Eastern Sector neighborhood, no riots have occurred since Monday morning. He said that they are now with their neighbors in such a difficult time.

“Catalonia is far from becoming Marseille”

Director General of Police, Per Ferrer He was also interviewed on RAC1 after the events in Girona and confirmed that the Mossos d’Esquadra has been warning for some years about the increasing presence of firearms – some of them military – especially in groups linked to drugs smuggling, especially marijuana. He claims this also means greater police protection must be provided and more officers allocated to fight these gangs. He gave, as an example, the recent operation against the most important gang for smuggling hashish by sea in Catalonia, which was dismantled a few days ago and was carrying hashish on drug boats.

When asked about the recent murders, he did not want to delve into the reasons for the double crime in Fonte de la Polvora, but stressed that in Girona and wherever they were wanted they would be there from there. Minute zero and he admitted that as well He added, “It is not normal for Girona’s alleged killer to have a Kalashnikov in his home. He is linked to the drug trade.”

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However, he noted that “the police are responsible when there is violence” but in “more complex and vulnerable” neighborhoods like this one in Girona, other policies and a comprehensive strategy are needed.

Pere Ferrer stressed that despite this double crime, in Catalonia “we are.” “Far from becoming Marseille.” And that the police have a commitment Capabilities To fight organized crime. Ferrer also attributes these types of violent events to the “monoculture of the entertainment model.” He admitted that consuming large amounts of alcohol and drugs contributes to creating this type of problem, and that “we are on the cusp of a complicated summer.”

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