Majorcans eat more cheese and less olive oil

Majorcans eat more cheese and less olive oil

The Study of Food Consumption and Source in Mallorca 2023, commissioned by the General Directorate of Food Sovereignty (currently Food Quality and Local Product) with the main aim of finding out the position of consumers on the island after the pandemic regarding the origin of food. The food they buy, as well as knowing the degree of consumption of different food categories and the origin of the food being consumed, and knowing the evolution of consumer perception compared to the study conducted in 2018. It was shown that compared to According to 2018 data, the development of the influence of origin on the purchasing decision of consumers in Mallorca is developing in a positive way. Very important, as across all food categories, more than half of respondents say they consume products of local origin. Statements from the Director General of Agricultural Food and Local Product Quality, Joan LapriseIt turns out that “the consumer appreciates and demands more and more from the local product.”

he Fieldwork was carried out in Mallorca and 1,019 people residing in Mallorca were interviewed – 79.98% women and 20.02% men – bought food, double the number of participants in 2018.

The study data reflects that in The evolution of the shopping cart from 2018 to 2023There are no significant differences in the relationship with purchasing plant foods. However, with regard to foods of animal origin, the consumption of meat (from 97% to 94%), fish (from 95% to 93%), eggs (from 99% to 93%), and milk (from 96% to 91%) ). %), which can be attributed to the increase in the prices of these products at a much higher rate than the increase witnessed by the rest of the food products. An increase in cheese consumption was also observed (from 90% to 95%); The purchase of olive oil also decreased significantly (from 99% to 83%), which is linked to higher prices. Regarding wine, it must be said that 55% of it was purchased, a number that does not change.

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Regarding the evolution of the influence of origin in the purchasing decision (2018-2023), with the exception of salt and wine, buyers have evolved in favor of purchasing food items originating in the Balearic Islands, especially in the case of meat (from 42% to 66%), cheese (from 63% to 85%), fish (from 41% to 70%), milk (from 34% to 50%), olive oil (from 55% to 69%).” We also saw one Improving the willingness of Mallorcans to purchase food from the Balearic Islands“But this willingness is not always embodied in the actual purchase, since what consumers express does not correspond to marketing data,” emphasizes General Manager Joan Laprise. In this sense, of the quality of agri-food and local products “We are working with the sector in order to improve the indication of the origin of the Balearic Islands in our products, to avoid consumer confusion, in addition to the intensive promotion of our local product, so that the purchase intention expressed by the consumer becomes more effective.”

See all study data here.

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