Sanitat requires masks in health centers

Sanitat requires masks in health centers

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health imposed the use of masks in health centers, contrary to the standards of 11 autonomous regions that did not adopt this decision and criticize the forms used by the government. However, to reduce confrontation and respond to the claims of the autonomous governments and the “uniqueness” of each territory, the Executive decided to allow this commitment to become a “recommendation” when a decrease in cases of respiratory infections is recorded for two consecutive weeks. .

The “Coordinated Actions” order, which was implemented in implementation of the Health System Cohesion and Quality Law, was sent yesterday to the ministries of health and will enter into force “throughout the day,” according to a statement. Health Minister Mónica Garcia explained.

Compliance is limited to health centers – primary care and hospitals – but the executive authority recommends the use of the mask also in pharmacies and health social centers such as residences. Initially, the ministry also intended to enforce the use of masks in these places, but relaxed the measure at the request of local communities in the Regional Council on Monday, which ended without agreement on masks.

Notice of appeal

Some autonomous regions indicate they will comply with the order but will legally consider whether they can appeal it. The first to announce the appeal was the Basque Country, which indicated that it would appeal it because it considered that the matter violated the law and infringed on its powers. During the pandemic, the central executive authority imposed measures on several occasions by royal order, but the legal umbrella used in emergencies dissolved, which is why it was necessary to resort to the Health Cohesion Law for the first time.

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