The Japanese Coast Guard plane was not allowed to enter the runway

The Japanese Coast Guard plane was not allowed to enter the runway

The Japanese Coast Guard plane was not allowed to enter the runwayNews agency

A Japanese Coast Guard plane collided with a commercial plane at Haneda Airport on Tuesday He did not have permission to enter the trackAccording to flight control communications published by the Japanese Ministry of Transport. “In the text of the communications, there was nothing that could be considered permission to enter the runway,” Toshiyuki Aonuma, deputy director general of the Ministry of Transport’s Civil Aviation Bureau, said in comments compiled by local news agency Kyodo.

However, the captain of the Coast Guard ship, the only survivor of the six crew members on board, said he had permission to enter the runway, and in other statements, he would have indicated that he had permission to take off. In communications logs between air traffic controllers and the company operating the commercial flight, Japan Airlines (JAL), there was also no indication of a delay in landing, so experts suggest it is possible that… Both parties were not aware of the presence of another ship on the runway.

As detailed by state broadcaster NHK, the Japan Airlines pilot told his company that he could not see any plane as he approached the runway and that he had received permission from controllers to land. The Ministry of Transport, through the Transportation Safety Board (JTSB), is investigating the accident that occurred at Haneda Airport, one of the country's busiest airports, after a JAL commercial airline flight from Sapporo (north of the country) collided with a Coast Guard plane on Tuesday.

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The accident occurred shortly after the Japan Airlines plane landed at 17:47 local time (9:47 GMT) in Haneda and collided with a Coast Guard ship, causing both planes to catch fire and forcing the evacuation of passengers and crew. the He managed to evacuate 379 passengers on the commercial flight Although 14 of them were injured, while of the six passengers on the Coast Guard plane, only the captain was able to save his life, who was seriously injured. Coast Guard planes were preparing to transport food and water to those affected by the strong earthquake Which struck the western coast of central Japan on Monday.

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