The western part of Lazio Maremma, reminiscent of the United States

The western part of Lazio Maremma, reminiscent of the United States

A part of the United States between Aurelia and the West. A real farm in the center of Lazio Maremma, a few kilometers from Civitaveccia. But very true to the originals Made in the United States Selected as Video Collection for Tommaso Paradiso’s latest single Magari number. Group dances, noisy spurs, folk feast with horses to be suppressed on sticks. In short, the West, as we have always imagined, is capable of betraying location, except for one detail: the protagonist of the video does not polish the saddle. Wade, A large bubble used by the California Bacchus to work flocks with Lasso, but a Tuscan saddle with a ball, immortalized in several paintings dedicated to artist Giovanni Fottori Cowboys in the late nineteenth century. Century. “I’m a fan of Maremma, and I made sure that saddle ended up in the video. The person who filmed the clip may not know the difference, but it’s important for me to be a part of this land’s heritage, even if I have to set up video in the US West, ”Giancarlo Serofolini admits. Along with his partner, he is the owner of the Red Cedar Farm in the rural corner of the United States, located in the Tucson Mountains.

How did the idea to build this come about?

“My partner and I love horses and America. But riding in the states is not so easy. So, six years ago, we decided to create the part of America we want here.

Why exactly in the Viterbo area?

“I’m originally from Pyombino, and I’m always listened to horses. It’s a job that took me everywhere, even abroad. I stayed for eight months.I may have chosen any place in the world, but I stopped here.

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What stopped her?

“For those who like to ride horses, I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in Italy and perhaps Europe: both horses and cows have hundreds of hectares of wild grazing land. So a few years later I bought land and built a new red cedar farm.

A wooden structure painted in red and white just like the old ones Shed Americans.

“Exactly. This is definitely a unique building in Italy, but I do not think there are many of them in other parts of Europe either.

Are all your horses “American”?

“Of course we have a lot of horses, but there are also a lot of maremons who have been taming and training all their lives. I did a black ‘acting’ on Tomaso Paradiso’s video.

What can a visitor to the Red Cedar Farm do?

“I train horses and do courses Rope tying (Use of Lasso, et al.) With mechanical cows and calves with flesh and blood. Then horseback riding, neighborhood but long distance: last summer for five days we rode on horseback through Alberis, Uselina Park, Monte Amiata.

Everything in the “old” saddles with the ball?

“Damn. I’m one of the few people who takes working with horses more seriously.

Do you share the theory that the saddle with the ball is the direct ancestor of Western saddles? The Spaniards “copied” it from Maremma, and the Californians followed it from the Mexicans …

“I ride there every day, but I’ll not read its history in detail. However, it seems completely believable to me that it was like that. Of course, Americans have improved them a lot and are more comfortable with them, especially for horses.”

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