The Olsen twins' The Row in Paris collection conquers the networks without anyone seeing it

The Olsen twins' The Row in Paris collection conquers the networks without anyone seeing it

BarcelonaYou always end up associating the pink record and pop information with all kinds of life mistakes that celebrities make. But it's not always like this. Although it is true that when celebrities They fail at something, everyone is more interested in it, the news has more impact, and it is no less true that the lives of the rich and famous who populate heart magazines have more successes than failures, because if it were not so, they would not be where they are. There's been a huge list of celebrities who have done things right in recent days, and to be honest, we should applaud them. Or to put it another way: for the sake of mental health, I need to tap into it brake What do Bertine Osborne and the Windsor family do to be in the news…always for their disasters.

The brightest part of the week was undoubtedly the Olsen twins, these two adorable girls we discovered Forced parents Both were set to play the same role so as not to violate strict child labor regulations in California, where the girls were born. Although they were only nine months old at the time, they are now 37 years old and their lives have changed dramatically. They completely left the world of show business behind them and, since 2006, have been making a career in the fashion world covering the mouths of those who always called them broken toys. Job offer American

Silent luxury

The Olsens were among the first to establish a brand specializing in muted luxury that is now highly regarded, a very brave move when you consider that their direct competitors are Houses They are powerful, have a very long history, and have great financial empires behind them. However, they dared. But not crazy, but with very clear ideas. They were smart to identify the opportunity in the fact that the vast majority of competitors are in Quiet luxury They bet on expensive, high-quality clothing that plays in the aesthetic sector Old money. On the other hand, the twins choose to create high-quality pieces that produce fashions with a classic base but with avant-garde touches. In other words, they left Hollywood, went into fashion, revolutionized the industry, and finally stayed there to make a living.

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The Row's Margaux bag is the brand's most iconic product

Mary-Kate and Ashley, who were already style standards before they knew it themselves, have a place in our mental agendas for their designs but also for their promotional strategies. This week, they stepped out in Paris to do what no one else does when it comes to French Fashion Week: turn off their cell phones. The Row has asked attendees of its Winter 2025 show not to record or photograph anything from the presentation as they do not want any photos of the group shared on social media. This decision, absolutely Anti-system Today, he turns them into one Rara Avis Within the industry, everyone is struggling to catch up with the trends in networks with each release. On the other hand, they reinforce the elitist element of their company by teaching it only to a very select group of customers. If we add to this, moreover, that these agents, after being forced to turn off their mobile phones, were given a notebook and pen to write down what they saw, the bet becomes directly symbolic.

A collection from The Row from last year

His decision went so against the grain of the industry that some young people on the networks questioned whether the offer had actually happened. The skepticism is not surprising after the cognitive distortion that too much exposure to Instagram has caused in some age groups. However, these singularities only prove that these two stars turn everything they touch into gold. Even fashion sales platform The Lyst Index says so, which recently confirmed that in 2023 the company was one of the most searched companies on the networks, and this is also evident by the simple fact that they alone have managed to make it trendy among the group. Fashion designer The famous Birkenstock sandal. Then, they ceased to be considered the shoes of a retired German summer man in Torrevilla and became a complete object of desire trends. And while the value of his brand continues to foam up thanks to his risky bets, his website continues to sell clothes at astronomical prices that don't even have an embroidered logo on them. Prices show us that silence these days has become very expensive because it is a true luxury.

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Jordanian Rania is decorated

Other figures on standby this week include King Abdullah II of Jordan, who is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his accession to the throne and the 31st anniversary of his marriage to his wife, Rania. The Jordanian monarch was able to fully understand the value that his wife had in his country to maintain the popularity of the monarchy, and internationally, to be present in the minds of many people. For this reason, the Jeweled Renaissance Rope, the highest honor bestowed in Jordan, was imposed on him. Over the years, Rania has managed to gain great love in her adopted country – she is the daughter of Palestinians who immigrated to Kuwait – and has also gained great appreciation globally, even outside Muslim-majority countries. She has turned into an absolute fashion icon, and her appearances at any international event – ​​for example at the United Nations, where she holds the position of Honorary Global Chair of the Female Infant Education Area – means extra screen time for the country in which she reigns supreme. Abdullah was able to see in her an additional light that he did not want to extinguish in order to gain more fame, but rather he did not stop promoting it. Some other kings should learn from this.

Also great this week is Kirsten Dunst, who turns 41 and is a pop muse. And not only because of how successful he is at work, but also because of the sense of authenticity in everything he does, which should be especially appreciated in Hollywood. The New Jersey actress said in an interview with Marie Claire He will return to producing superhero films, which he already did from 2001 to 2007, when he participated in the saga. Spider Man. The best part was when they asked him why: “Because they pay you a lot of money and I have two children, and I also have to support my mother financially.” Honestly, I've never wanted to go see a superhero movie, but just thinking about the lead actress working in it and having little desire to explain it will keep me going. Knowing that he feels no motivation for the film, if he ends up doing well on set, they should give him one Oscar and not two. It is unfortunate that after what he said, it is unlikely to be repeated in this type of cinema.

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