“I don’t play your games anymore” (Video)

“I don’t play your games anymore” (Video)

Big Brother clash between Rosie Chen and Letizia Beatrice.

new Mis-understanding In the famous Casa del Big brother between Rosie Chen and Letizia Beatrice. The two reality show contestants have given up Heroes of the difficult confrontation Because of one recognition Which Cornflower He did this to the chef which would have sent the young photographer into a tailspin.

Rosie Chen is fed up with Letizia Beatrice

After a few hours New episode of Big BrotherWhich will be broadcast tonight on Canal 5 Cornflower He took the initiative and pointed the finger at some competitors. Among these also Letizia Beatrice, guilty of not letting go and being fake more often than not. An idea that no one shared Rosie ChenWho defended the young competitor.

I came to know Criticisms made by Fiordaliso, cheerful Request clarifications RosieHe preferred to stay away from him and advised the girl to address the issue directly with the singer:

In my opinion the right thing is to ask Fiordaliso directly. I’m always in the middle… Everyone has thoughts, obviously tired and bored, and also angry that Valentina is gone. I take responsibility for what I say, not what others say. I don’t report what I was told […] Well come on, well, I talked bad about you, all you want. I don’t play your games of paranoia anymore.

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Fiordaliso outburst

Self cheerful She allowed herself to go to tears, Rosie It has been reached before Anita Olivieri, who tried to understand the situation better. In no uncertain terms, the Chinese chef revealed that she was fed up with the photographer’s paranoia:

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Enough, I’m tired. I don’t want 4th degree anymore I don’t want so much paranoia. I can’t always feel the punishment, especially from the person to whom I showed all my love. She still puts me in doubt… I didn’t say anything to her, I didn’t answer her badly… If Fiordaliso says something, I respect her thoughts but it’s not like I didn’t tell her. I don’t like her… I will never allow myself to speak badly about her.

After listening to him Rosie’s outburst, Anita He announced:

But you know that then you suffer all the consequences, and you have to go back to bed. He’s crying now, you told him you care. You know all his weaknesses. For God’s sake, you don’t have to bear all her burdens, but you have to calmly remind her that you too face your difficulties, and your breaking moments.

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