Tony Cantos triumphs in the “Atrapa'm sipotes” space.

Tony Cantos triumphs in the “Atrapa'm sipotes” space.

Tony Cantos during one of his participation in the TV program “Atrapa'm sipotes”

This winemaker from Villafranca has won as many as 4 broadcasts of the evening program on TV3

Villafranca winemaker Tony Cantos won €4,000 – before taxes – accumulated by winning four consecutive broadcasts of the competition show Atrapa'm sipotes, which is broadcast every evening on TV3.

This employee of the Juvé & Camps winery since 1997 explains that he had only participated in a television competition before, when he was teaching COU at the Montagut school and was on the program Dit i fet, in 1988, and that a few months ago he had decided to sign up to participate in Atrapa 'm sipotes, a quiz presented by journalist Lucia Ferrer which, as he explains, is “one of the few TV shows I watch a lot”.

They contacted him and he first went for an individual audition at the headquarters of the production company Mediapro – “an audition for general culture,” Kantos explains in a conversation with 3d8– To later participate in a group meeting with other virtual racers. Finally they chose him and he went for a few days to record various programs for the program Atrapa'm sipotos, which records 5 broadcasts throughout the day.

“In every TV broadcast, one contestant enters and another is eliminated, so I recorded 4 broadcasts on one day and two more on the second day.” In the last one (aired last Tuesday), Tony Cantos was eliminated. However, before, he could be seen on TV3 passing the three tests of the first stage, in which the contestants do not earn money, and from there he continued to pass the broadcast to continue collecting points to continue and finally move to the first stage. The final stage, where two contestants answer questions to climb the ladder until they receive a daily prize of 1,000 euros. The success rate of the winemaker from Villafranca increased by 4 times, thus raising 4,000 euros.

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Positive experience
Kantos explained that he had a “very positive and good” experience and that he would try to return. “I only had a couple of bad moments, but I had a great time.” He also had kind words for the presenter – “very nice and makes you feel very comfortable” – and the entire program team.

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