Anxiety is rising rapidly Federica Panicucci: “These are crucial hours” | How much suffering

Anxiety is rising rapidly Federica Panicucci: “These are crucial hours” |  How much suffering
Federica Panicucci – Source: Mediaset video screenshot –

Federica Panicucci’s words heightened anxiety. Here’s what the popular Mediaset presenter highlighted.

Federica Panicucci She is the famous presenter with very long and always perfect hair, who has been entertaining her audiences with her shows for years. she has passed Festivalbar to Fifth morning to Back to school And many other things. However, since some time ago, we see it every day Matino Cinque NewsIt is a program in which various current and non-current issues are discussed.

Panicucci was also the ex-wife of Mario Farghettawho was with him Two sons. After her marriage ended, she became involved in a romantic relationship Marco PasiniWith whom he found happiness again, even if we know that this feeling is a dance. One day there is, the other not, and in this particular case the fulcrum of our article develops, because after Presenter’s wordsFans seem very worried. Here’s what we’re talking about.

Sayings of Federica Panicucci

Despite the love between Federica Panicucci and Mario Farghetta I finish For many years, yet the two maintained Civil relationship And cooperation for their children. Therefore, if on the one hand the broadcaster went through a bitter moment, which we will tell you about shortly, on the other hand it will carry a memory forever. nice party Which she organized with her ex-husband for Eighteenth birthday To his daughter Sophia.

During the party, many guests, including Federica, saw A shooting starThe moment one appears A picture of my father From the broadcaster with her granddaughter when she was a child. She has always been the anchor Very close To her father and his sudden death, it plunged her into a state of despair. In that gesture, the beautiful broadcaster saw him, as if the father has appeared To wish her granddaughter a happy birthday, in her own way.

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Report in Matino Cinque

Federica Panicucci discussed during a panel Matino Cinque NewsThe strong one Earthquake In which Napoli participated in recent days. After seeing those scenes and those poor families, Viewers fear It’s tangible. Many are worried about their family members living there, not to mention the general sadness such news always generates.

“These are crucial hours,” wrote one social media user, as it is known that after the earthquake there may be several hours Aftershocks Which could damage the already severely damaged area even more. Let’s hope Mother Nature puts her hand on her conscience and does just that end These terrible destructive shocks.

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